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  1. Got an email today from Friends of DCI (I am a Friend), and it was about tickets, etc. However, at the end of the email, this was stated:

    "As many of you know we have been working through some music licensing issues and hope to have these resolved soon. The goal is to have the 2015 BluRay & DVDs available to order by mid-November."

    I really hope this is true and they don't run in to any more problems licensing - it would be awesome to get the vids before the end of the year!! I just hope they aren't all cut up or edited to the point they are unwatchable. Crossing my fingers and praying that it all goes well...

    I got the same e-mail.

  2. Also goes to show that they can open and close the roof very quickly.

    The thunderstorms in central Indiana (and Ohio!) have been more severe now than in August.

    I admit I would have missed the A/C, but it is possible to open and close the roof on relatively short demand apparently.

    Thinking out loud - if the roof started open and weather came in at some point during the show so they close it, wouldn't there be an unfair advantage between those who performed with the roof open vs closed? As much as I hate the roof I think it's more important for all corps to have the same conditions.

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  3. that last statement makes 0 sense..'until they decide to buckle down" so you admit that they should rethink the philosophy and travel with the pack..I would love to see them get really creative and blow other corps away in 2016..pull the trigger now and make it happen.

    You are putting words in my mouth. I said no such thing. What I said was that they are fine the way they are, but if THEY decide they should rethink their philosophy that would be fine too. The point is that it is up to THEM (admin, staff and members) to decide what they want their identity to be. They have no obligation to live up to anyone's expectations but their own.

  4. I'm sorry, Surf doesn't need me as a defender, but you're making general broad statements that few would argue.

    Anyone here know what Surf's retention is? Eleran can probably tell us current fees but isn't it true that kids trying out for Surf know that they're getting a different experience than a typical touring corps?

    Is there a presumption on the part of Surf MM's that they were going to get something different than they expected? If so, is that necessarily Surf's fault?

    Is there any evidence that Surf did not give the MM's "...the best possible product..." it could?

    Is there some indication this year that Surf didn't educate the MM's, or teach them to reach for a performance they didn't think they had in them?

    Is all of that evidenced by placement?

    If you're going to make such a contention based on placement, isn't it true that you could make the contention all the way up to second place?

    The first rung on the ladder makes it easier to climb if desired, and many kids show their appreciation to Surf by doing just that. A year at Surf, in either good placement or bad, makes it that much easier for a MM to climb up the ladder.

    The first rung is valuable. To dismiss it as unimportant ignores a lot of reality for a significant number of potential MM participants.

    If Surf surges to number 15, will you make the same contention of the then last-place corps, or is it just Surf?

    I can answer that part of the question via my niece's experience. Yes - the members absolutely know that the Surf experience is not the same as other "more competitive" corps. In her case and a number of her friends in the corps it was that fact that drew them to Surf. She was easily good enough to march in one of the big names but had no interest in doing so being happy with what she had in Surf. After her first year, one of her friends wanted to "move up" and went to Cadets. She ultimately returned to Surf before the season started saying that the "cult atmosphere" (her words) at Cadets was "nuts" and she was much happier with the environment at Surf.

    Not everyone has the same goals/desires. I think Surf is fine doing what they are doing until THEY decide it's time to buckle down to move up.

  5. I wonder why they dropped that feature; AFAIR this was a feature of the service almost from the beginning of live video streaming.

    I wonder if it was maybe not possible with the streaming service they contracted with, if they were playing things uber safe with copy right issues, etc. I'd love to hear a reason from DCI for not offering that so I could at least understand their reasoning

    See any one of the numerous threads about copyrights. It was a rights issue that prohibited them from providing the service.

  6. But what if the staff and members are NOT happy with such a de-facto "non-competitive" status ?

    It's all well and good to say "this is who we want to be" but I don't think it's true -- certainly not true for entire membership.

    Unless things change, Surf is going to one and done in Indy. Do you think the members are "happy" with that?

    I'm not suggesting Surf should pursue medals (or for that matter make finals).

    But it sure would be nice to not be "standing still" and getting passed by more and more open class programs every season.

    And that appears to Surf's future if they maintain their current "philosphy".

    This is the heart of the point I was trying to make. Neither I know nor does anyone else here know what is in the hearts and minds of the corps members and its staff. If they are indeed unhappy about their current status then by all means they should take steps to change it for the better. On the other hand, if the are happy with it, who the hell are we on DCP to tell them what the should be doing?

  7. ok then have fun being in 21st place then..and WHO is content being in 21st place? I dont think the mindset is " ok lets devote all of our time and efforts just to be a below average Corps"..I think there are better options thats all. I like Surf I just hope they can work harder to find that thing that can push them up a few notches in 2016.

    I assure you that they do have fun. My niece marched their guard for 3 years and loved every second of it. The majority of the kids she marched with felt the same and were perfectly content with their lot. Those who wanted to be more competative moved on to other corps, but plenty who could have moved on stayed instead because they liked the environment.

    Not everyone that marches is burning for a medal or a finals appearance. Some march for the simple joy of marching and performing and really don't care if they are "competative" as long as they are having fun and entertaining the crowds.

  8. Beacause you need to IMPACT the crowd and the judges. this isnt an end of year performance of a HS band, its WC Corps. I gotta believe that there are more edgy and better ideas out there to take advantage of.

    Says who? If they are content the way things are who are "we" to say they need to change it? I'm not saying that they ARE happy with the status quo - I have no knowlede whether they are or not. The question was is there anything in the rules that mandates that they should push harder to compete?

  9. Here's what I don't get: If the corps administration, staff and marching members are happy with the status quo (ie entertaining light-hearted shows that are less competative than those who "take themselves more seriously") then why should they change anything? Where does it say that in order to be a world class corps going on a full summer tour that you need to compete to move up the ladder or you shouldn't bother to show up?

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  10. I almost don't want to audition because I don't want to waste their time :'D

    You aren't wasting their time. Go. Even if you don't make the cut you will get invaluable instruction on what you need to work on to improve enough to make it next time.

    The first time I went to Crossmen camp in the fall/winter of 1982/3 it was pretty obvious to me right off the bat that I didn't have a shot to make the tenor line. I went to the first 2 or 3 camps anyway because: 1) I got to march in the Gimbles Thanksgiving Parade in Philly as a Crossmen where we played a couple holiday tunes and the ending of Russian Christmas from the '82 show; 2) I got to be around and part of one of the Corps I had worshiped for several years watching them on PBS every year and seeing them in person in Montreal; 3) I got great instruction from the staff and one of the vets in the tenor line. The vet in particular took time to show me what I needed to work on to make it in the future.

    I spent the next 2 years working on everything I had been shown while marching in PAL. After the '84 season I thought I was ready and auditioned again for '85 and made the line. If I hadn't gone to those camps in late '82 -- and then stayed for awhile after it was obvious I had no prayer -- I probably never would have improved in the areas I needed to to make the line in '85.

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