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  1. A lot of booing during score announcements at DCI Midwest 1981 with a very young Rondo, Jim Peck and Carmine Appice in the booth:
  2. Yes - the cymbal ride specifically. It was a horrible piece of writing in an otherwise spectacular show.
  3. Would LOVE to see Crossmen get back to playing that style again. When the Crossmen sounded like the Crossmen The concert piece from that show (Something) is one of my all time favorite concert numbers
  4. I'll take the disks any day of the week and twice on Sunday unless or until the digital version was identical quality in picture and sound. But to do that, the file size would be enormous. Typical file size of a 1 disk Blu-Ray movie clone is about 40GB which would take hours to download unless you have an extremely fast connection.
  5. Very good point. But of course being subjective, "best" is a matter of opinion at least at some level so there will always be disagreements.
  6. Just like sports championships - the champion is not necessarily the "best". The champion is the one who wins the last game/competition. Were the NY Giants "better" than the undefeated NE Patriots team they beat to win the SB? I doubt that many people would think so, and I'd bet that if they were to play 10 times, the Pats would have won 9 of them.
  7. I do think that captions should be based on finals night only. The reason being that this is a competition, not a tournament or a series. The team that wins the game on Super Bowl Sunday gets the Lombardi. Is this the best way? I think so, but WTF do I know?
  8. Can't agree with that. Win the show on Saturday night --> win the title. Period. And I liked Crown much better than BD this year and was rooting for them to win as hard as anyone was.
  9. In my opinion it is mostly that. Probably not a coincidence that attendance was going down when the shows became less accessible and is going up now that they are far more entertaining. I was strongly debating whether to continue shelling out the bucks for Friends and all the other expenses associated with traveling to championships because I was bored by most shows - even as a drum corps lifer. If it hadn't begun to turn around a few years ago I don't know if I'd still be going.
  10. As much as I loved SCV's take on Phantom in '88 and '89 I think they should leave those two shows to speak for themselves. That is a show that barely missed the title in '88 and took it in '89 and is still looked at as one of the all time great shows. To revisit it now would lead to comparisons with the original which are not likely to be favorable. It's hard to compete with an all time great show. And anything less than a title would be seen as a major disappointment and would diminish the legacy of the originals. When Phantom Regiment resurrected Spartacus in 2008 they were taking a show that was loved at the time but never looked on as an all time great. It can be seen as never achieving its full potential finishing 4th both years they did it (1981 and 1982). By revisiting it in 2008 they were able to breathe new life into it and take it to a place the original never got to.
  11. Yes. Normally you can pre-order them at or before finals - which I have done every year. Usually have gotten the discs by the 2nd week of November.
  12. Didn't GH say that he had wanted to do the Shosty 10th for years but was waiting for a talented enough group to pull it off?
  13. Could mean that they haven't re-upped yet, not necessarily that they are gone. Or maybe they are in process of updating website.
  14. Interesting because according to some people who were "in the know" that I spoke to at the time the Crossmen moved to San Antonio they were supposedly all but set on bringing in the staff who took Crown from middle of the pack to champion and when it fell through they ended up at Crown (and the rest is history). No idea about the validity of that story though.
  15. Bridgemen actually did something like that in 1982 in Montreal. They were selling photocopies of the Percussion Execution judge's sheet from a show that year (forget which show) that they got a near perfect 19.9 (a single tic the entire show).
  16. That. I have to admit that I was beginning to lose interest several years ago and questioning why I was paying thousands of dollars every year (Friends of DCI, hotel, plane fare etc) when I was finding the majority of the shows very boring and unengaging. Well performed - yes, but dull and not entertaining. I think it is a huge part of why my now 22 year old who was going to DCI shows since he was 6 had zero interest in marching when he was old enough - he sat through the shows with dad and was thoroughly bored. Happily the pendulum has swung back the other way and the past few years I have found the vast majority of the shows top to bottom to be extremely entertaining with only a small handful being "meh".
  17. OK - I don't pretend to have any ability to listen to something and "hear" a drum corps show buried in it. That said - I think that Porcupine Tree/Steven Wilson would be a great place for designers to look for source music - particularly the Bluecoats. Very modern sound with very rich instrumentation that I think would be right in Bloo's wheel house.
  18. I had a drink with a guy at the bar at 2am who is the dog sitter for the next door neighbor of a guy who knows the sister-in-law of the hairdresser of the wife of the drill designer's cousin . . . . and HE said . . . . . .
  19. I wish I could remember who hit the loudest on the db meter in Allentown that my 14yo was using. He doesn't remember either but someone hit an 84 when everyone else's loudest was in the 70's