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  1. Having been in drumlines during the tic era I completely agree. I can remember getting ticced for things that were dead on clean - confirmed by the tape, and not getting ticced on things we knew that we f-ed up as soon as it came off our sticks. Any type of competition that relies on the perceptions of human beings is always going to be subject the judges' fallible eyes and ears. Maybe the tic that was given for a bad snare attack that was actually clean was in reality a rifle snap that the judge heard in the background and thought it was a snare. Maybe that fuzzy roll on the left side of the tenor line that he missed was because he had a cold that night and his ear on that side was congested. While I don't always agree with the scores/results I give major props to the judges. I think overall they do a very good job and think they get it way more right than they do wrong. Kinda like NFL refs - make a call in a split second that you think they blew but when you see it on super slo-mo you see that they got it right more often than not.
  2. Wasn't my intention to come across as judgmental in any way. Everyone is free to enjoy drum corps however they like. I genuinely can't understand not watching the entire competition, but to each his own. That's why there is chocolate and vanilla
  3. Sorry - I thought this was a forum to exchange thoughts and opinions. My bad.
  4. Didn't say that they didn't have the right to do whatever they want, just said that I don't understand it.
  5. I spend a small fortune through Friends of DCI for my tickets, hotel and plane tickets etc to go to Indy every year. My butt is in my seat all three nights all night long (though the encore on Saturday). Thursday I'm in my seat by 3PM at the latest. In Allentown I'm in my seat for the National Anthem both nights. Any other shows I can get to I'm in my seat from start to finish. While I would like to hang out and watch some warm-ups, I'm not going to do that at the cost of missing any field performances. I don't understand the folks who spend all that money and then just show up for the last few corps.
  6. This is a very enlightening thread. I never imagined what a major undertaking this is. My hat is off to all the folks who manage to accomplish this herculean feat.
  7. What a great review. I commented at the time to Kara at Friends of DCI that top to bottom I thought this was the best crop of performances from 20th on up that I can remember ever seeing. As an "old-fart" who vehemently opposed the addition of amplification and spoken word I didn't like the direction things were going for several years. It seems that as the addition has matured and experience gained that (most) corps are finding ways to use it that are less intrusive. In the early years of this era as soon as I heard talking I'd almost automatically lose interest in the show. Not so much anymore. Or maybe I'm just getting used to it I could definitely do without the syntesizers though.
  8. I'm new to this forum, but far from new in Drum Corps. I marched with Philadelphia PAL Cadets in 1982-84 (I think we finished something like 46th at Prelims in Montreal) and with the Crossmen in 1985-86. Certainly never had a whiff of winning a DCI title (although my first year in PAL we did finish 2nd I think in our own circuit championship and took High Drums) or even top 12. Anyone who knows the Crossmen's history know that 1985 & 86 were two of the more difficult years in the Corp's history. '85 saw us break out the "Hostess Cupcake" uniforms for a Spanish themed show that never really came together and landed us in 17th. 1986 was even more difficult and the Corps nearly folded but was able to scrape together enough staff and members to get on the field for the season finishing in a 21st place tie. Would I have liked to have had the opportunity to march on Saturday night one or both of those years? Durned right. Did not making finals make the experience any less meaningful? I don't think so. I could have gone north to Garfield if I really wanted a shot at the title, but I preferred to stay with the Bones despite the difficulties. All these years later looking back - I wouldn't change it a bit. I look back at what we accomplished in '86 in particular with a great deal of pride. If not for that group of staff and members who refused to roll over when everyone had left us for dead there would have been no '90s era of great Crossmen shows, no move to Texas and no resurgence that they have shown the past 3 seasons. The Crossmen would be lumped in with all of the once great Corps that are relegated to the past (27th Lancers, Bridgemen etc) rather than an up an coming Corps on the verge of (hopefully) great accomplishments. In the end, Drum Corps is a competative sport, but in my mind the greatest competition is with oneself to consistantly strive for personal and group excellence and the scores are secondary. I cheered as loud as anyone in the building for Carolina when they won in 2013, Phantom when they won in 2008 and for Blooooo when they took silver last year (and I think louder than everyone else in 2012 when the semi-final scores were announced that put Crossmen back in the top 12 for the first time in years ) but in the end it's the excitement, energy and entertainment of the show that matters the most to me.