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  1. Row 5, seat 10. I was wondering where that popcorn came from.
  2. Just noticed the title of this thread. 2105 season hasn't even started yet!
  3. I was on the 50 in section 240. There was a stunned silence initially followed by a few scattered boos briefly (nothing like at a Flyers game when they are playing poorly ) that quickly became cheers for Carolina.
  4. What time does the show start tonight? What? Season is over? Can't be. What an amazing year - from 1 to n. Can't remember EVER seeing so many great corps performing such great shows to such a high degree. Truly one for the ages. I was pulling for CC but can't say that BD didn't deserve the win. If it is truly an adjudication of the performances that night, then the right team won. Congrats to BD and all of the corps that participated. Gonna be a long 9 months until the first show of 2016.
  5. These were actually for sale at the souvie booth in Indy - $50 for cut out alone or $150 for cut out + base
  6. I spoke to the guy in the DCI video booth in Indy about the potential for Blu-Rays and he said (paraphrased): Don't believe everything you see on Drum Corps Planet (yes - he mentioned this site by name). We are making Blu-Rays and have no plans to just keep them all for ourselves. They will be for sale, and the internet pre-order should be up within the next few weeks.
  7. I've been praying for a move back to jazz for years.
  8. I'm calling it right here right now. Crown will not be caught.
  9. I think Crossmen are out with or without a penalty. Troopers were better.
  10. Hate to say it but the Crossmen are in trouble if they aren't on. Troopers were awesome.
  11. Better get used to it if you are gonna watch any NFL this year
  12. Can't get over how good Mandarins are. I see them in contention for finals (along with Oregon) in the near future.
  13. If I can't get Cascade's globe maybe I can gets TC soldier instead.
  14. I'll never be tired of Phantom of the Opera when done that well. Great job.