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  1. Said it yesterday and I'll say it again - amazing how good the corps "down here" are. That said I thing Cascades over Spartans.
  2. Wonder what they're gonna do with that globe now. Would look great on my front lawn. 😄
  3. Great sound. They play much bigger than they are. And that cymbal line - wow.
  4. Crossmen got a warmup infraction penalty in semis last year for the tenors warming up in a prohibited area. They got a full 1.0 point penalty that ###### nearly kept them out of finals.
  5. Was it just me or did the horn line seem a bit off tonight? I thought I heard a few tears, bad attacks and they seemed to be holding back a bit to me. But that guard!!!!!
  6. Here's hoping that SCV doesn't have a power outage like they did in Allentown.
  7. Wow - looking at scores so far Surf dropped from 26 to 34!!!
  8. Cavies still not 100% healthy according to someone with the corps I spoke with. He said some of the kids are sick for the third time.
  9. Nice run Bones! Wish I like the show more, but they perform it very well. Most talent in years.
  10. Colt's vocalist is by far the best of the year. Wonderful voice and nails the performance every time. I could hear her on Broadway.
  11. Maybe just me, but I think Troopers should pull ahead of Colts.
  12. Rough run for Acadamy. More than a couple guard tears and drops and a few phasing errors between horns/battery/pit. Still love the show though
  13. I was thinking the same. I was probably a bit of a snob then and couldn't be bothered with those "inferior" corps.
  14. It amazes me. Most. Of these "small" corps were ###### near unwatchable back in the day.
  15. Nice job Genesis! Gutsy to take on a title winning show and invite comparisons. Very well done.