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  1. what a great show at camping world stadium in Orlando Florida a huge crowd turnout!!! but a rain delay of half an hour so the show started a bit later!!! everyone was on fire here are the reviews. I'm basically a guard person but been around drum corps since 1982 (i was 6 years old) couple of negative things no programs at this show and when spirit was on the electrontic board was playing!!! 1 Carolina Crown- amazing like always great guard great brass, dont care for the singing but she was better live than in the theatre my score 79.95 their score 81.90 2. Cavies
  2. I saw a lot of amazing guards this Saturday at ucf (southeastern championships) This is the best year I've seen winter guards for a long long time Apopka-VIP with their props and very unquie show Tarpon Springs-Amazing!!! nature speaks is one the best shows I've seen Park Vista- another guard that will be a factor in wgi!!! Lake Howell- breathtaking and beautiful!!! Flanagan- heros will contend for a medal at wgi!!! USF A- Take 5 could probably win independent A UCF world- very fun design!!! USF world- Swarm a fun high energy show
  3. Is there a reason why Tarpon isn't going to WGI?
  4. ok I went to the Orlando Regional and what a show!!! saw some guards that will compete for wgi championships!!! Tarpon Springs- they were amazing!!!! mother nature show!!! so much going on in one show this one rivals Cavies 1983 show as the best show ever Please watch this guard. Flanagan HS- Hereos show another amazing show by this guard it was dark and edgy. Lyman- love this show at the end there is glass shuttering on the floor. and what they are doing with their prop is amazing!!! don't understand the low scores they should be at least 4 points ahead of their competi
  5. I've just moved to Florida this year and went to my first winter guard show here. (Plant City show) (I went to quite a few shows in the mid contient ciricut around st Louis area from 2010-2014.) I was very impressed with some of the high school guards and of course both USF guards were awesome!!! IW- USF- had a bee theme and it was very good loved the uniforms will do well at wgi!!! IA USF- Take 5 so much was going on in this show need to watch it again very entertaining!!! Tampa Indpendent- had a decent show for a first year guard wasn't the greatest or anything but wha