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  1. Better yet...send Crown's brass staff to BK. On second thought, no...don't change BK shows into JABOM/M. (Just A Bunch Of Music/Movement)
  2. The way some of these scores are, they may win by 3 hundredths.
  3. SoA...they are the ones who change clothes about 10 times, right?
  4. Still two more performances for the top 12, so I'm not all that concerned about scores tonight...except to find out if BK gets Box 5. Annnd...they did!!
  5. Someone else already corrected you, so I won't. But I fear you are correct...about the slotting machine. The good news is that there is a lot of room between BK and the Boston Crusader/Cavalier/SCV group.
  6. So...will BK hit 90 this season? I hope so. posted from the DrumScorps app
  7. I think Blue Stars fell victim to the judges having to make room for all the big boys. Too bad.
  8. Even with bad sound on the scope, BK sounds awesome. I love that show! Thank you, SalemAve1995 for the scope.
  9. This Cadets show just isn't doing it for me. Can we fast forward to BK?