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  1. HE was clearly referring to his desire to see underage cleavage. Nothing to do with music. Something clearly isn't working upstairs...
  2. All they are required to tell you is what the laws say they are. Anything other than that, is up to them when and what they release. Don't like it? Don't donate.
  3. For what it is worth, I was paid ON TIME and IN FULL by both YEA and USBands this year.
  4. Yeah, because forcing the Cadets to compete in open class, where they would destroy everyone, is the right thing to do...
  5. Can you say with proof they haven't?
  6. They are generally about 5-6 hours away. That doesn't stop me from making it out to spring training. CG would be about 45 minutes from me.
  7. They historically have pretty decent color guards too!
  8. Folding may not be the best word. But they had to take a year off a few times to restructure. So a time out? I know for a while they had problems keeping a director. That was early 2000's ish.( I believe. medical issues caused me to lose a lot of memory from those years, and I'm not nearly motivated to look it up right now. Forgive me) However like I said, they seem to be headed in a good direction now.
  9. Gold also has a history of folding. However, It seems their new leadership has been busting a$$ and they have grown by leaps and bounds. It would be really nice having a DCI corps in my neck of the woods.
  10. 1. I have no access to indoor facilities other than my small room(auditorium, music labs lol. what are those). 2. I get no janitors to clean anything outside of sweeping my room once a day. Anything that occurs after school or weekend I am responsible for cleaning and taking care. 3. I get no budget for instrument repairs or maintenance. If something breaks I either fix it or booster club pays to fix it. My school has not purchased a new instrument in at least ten years. 4. I receive no supplements for anything thing I do after school. We also aren't allowed to charge our students fees to participate. All monies have to come from fundraising and donations. This is the same for the strings and chorus that I teach. As far as salary goes, As I stated this is in reference to marching band. So "super-sleuth" all you want, buddy.
  11. I received zero funds to run my marching band. Nothing from district or school. We compete locally and are responsible for all costs. Most bands in my area pay fees to participate in marching band that could rival some DCI fees.
  12. Can some one message me? Did I miss something?