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  1. Awwww, did I strike a nerve buddy? There is no damsel in distress here superman. Calm down.
  2. Do you ever stop complaining about them? Don't like their process, go support someone else.
  3. "This is the form where you can pay 100USD and get a guaranteed video request up on my channel. Your request will have priority over all other requests. After I receive the payment, I will send you an email with the exact time and date your video will be featured on my channel!" I wouldn't call that chump change. But ya'll keep thinking she cares about any of the stuff she's watching. It's cute.
  4. Cool story bro. Maybe if you had paid attention at University, you'd know how making and running a YouTube channel worked. I'd say you're more special than a specialist.
  5. Am I the only one that realizes nothing about what she does in authentic?
  6. I've served on panels with a gentleman from Florida that was forced to retire as a principal after students he hypnotized committed suicide. List like this do not always work. He was warned multiple times to stop doing it by upper administration and was not licensed at all(however that works). He was still allowed to retire with benefits and has been allowed to continue judging winter guard and marching band. This isn't "directly" related but with enough "fame" or money, it's easy to avoid lists like this.
  7. BDPA and USBands Establish Nationwide Pageantry Arts Network Investment in 2020 sets the foundation for year-round participation in the pageantry arts During these uncertain times, the continuation and relevance of scholastic music is more important than ever. BD Performing Arts (BDPA) and USBands have announced a significant investment in the future of the marching arts, through the end of 2020 and beyond, to provide rewarding and fulfilling experiences for talented young people in the activity. The creation of this new nationwide music network is the
  8. Especially caption manager/caption head/caption designer. Some places have ridiculous amounts of staff.
  9. I'm not even thinking about the risk of danger associated with cheerleading. I'm talking about being required to use certain hotels, only being able to compete at their shows(they'll DQ for going to other competitions) being required to wear their uniforms, bows, warm ups etc. This is only the tip of the iceberg. Varsity will not allow corps to host their own shows, produce their own merchandise, etc. Not to mention "scholastic sound sport" is a direct attack on WGI. WGI already offers "winter marching band".
  10. I guess the majority of the people that have been forced to work with varsity are wrong. You can't possibly have read all the terrible things about them and still think it's a good idea.
  11. Accusations were made against two active members of the DCI world, one a percussionist/one a composer(they have many roles, just naming the most familiar). A few comments were made in support of the poster. Neither accuser has responded publicly, of that I am aware.