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  1. You know, I'm not sure why this bothers me so much but I would hate to think that kids were being cut because they aren't from the right area. I know that BK doesn't do spring training because they are 'honoring the winter percussion season' , but... I know that my son's group is basically from 'a specific area' but I also know he made the group as an unknown from 1000 miles away and his not being able to practice in the spring away from camp was not an issue. Maybe I'm just upset because local drummesr have little chance even though they have a local Drum corps. Maybe drum corps drumming needs to move towards how the color guard works, contract in April or May. Come with your best and move right in.
  2. Last year it was just a family day with exhibitions from SCV, SCVC and the Scouts.
  3. Don't hate them too much for this. SCV wasn't at the rose bowl this year. 😊
  4. A local high school put on a Hamilton show this fall. I was impressed. Not sure how the rights were acquired but good for them. Probably about 15 kids took turns at the rapping.
  5. . I don't know much about being on tour but from what I do know, chatting over coffee in an empty diner sounds like dramatic fiction to me.
  6. The only reason they showed SCV was because the BD prop problems were a huge distraction during SCV's show. Pretty sure we wouldn't have seen them otherwise.
  7. In episode 4 , they show Denver vs. Indy opener. Although they didn't say it was a head to head, that might be implied until you see that Cavies were at both shows.
  8. And the BD color guard girl marched Cadets last year.
  9. Well, they say that it was BD's first performance but actually it wasn't. Fresno, Sacramento and Stanford were the weekend before.
  10. Wow, I thought the same! I know of someone who reached out one time for a bit of mentoring when he was young and got nothing. Luckily he found the right people soon after!
  11. Kevin Gamin posted a pic of Freelancers Alumni performing this morning. I assume they are West Coast since I saw them at Stanford in June.
  12. Apparently they noticed Adonis.....😅😅😅
  13. Mike Jackson posted this on Facebook last night. The short: I'm officially altering my position on the DCI field percussion judge. I wasn't necessarily sold on the specificity of a field judge; more so, the lack of an alternative method to experience blend, balance, subtlety, and nuance from performer to performer. Moving forward, I'd like to see a field clear of adjudicators. If given the opportunity, I would vote as such. The long: In all these years, I have yet to be convinced that we have the consistent depth in our caption to truly benefit from the aforementioned opportunities. This is not meant as a derogatory remark. It's just the truth as I see it. The system does the best it can with all the imperfect variables in the mix. Do the judges get the exact and equal sampling from night to night, or corps to corps? No. Impossible. I am convinced the only way to truly level the playing field is by experiencing everyone in the exact same manner from the exact same position. As much as I'm going to miss the up-close-and-personal reads, they're too problematic and too inconsistent to truly be the equalizer they're meant to be. I also have to mention and somewhat concede the criticism this season regarding the safety of the performers. This, of course, is difficult to challenge. How does one take the stance against performer safety? Yikes. With that said, I think some of the criticism was unfair. Historically speaking, field judges have been around since...drum corps. Looking at some of the hyperbolic reactions, you'd think DCI had just implemented this method. I believe the field judges were unintentionally set up to fail. They were not implemented until later in the season, giving them less time to physically acclimate to the intricacies of each production. How could there not be issues? I didn't like seeing these individuals ridiculed, nor the system bashed for allowing this historically omnipresent approach to percussion evaluation. Yes, I believe it's time for a change. However, we can do it in a way that doesn't point fingers nor humiliate fellow humans.
  14. I just read the contract my son signed. 11. I understand that I cannot transfer to/from another Drum & Bugle Corps after March 1, without written authorization from the Corps Director or CEO. All dues are to be paid before move ins, I believe. Also there are no refunds after May 1st. Also, parents have to sign if member is under 18.