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  1. Beasts from the East due to debut the closer tonight. Lets hear it!
  2. Making fun of kids performing their hearts out and being a ####### ######## is cool right? Edit: Really wish I didn't filter me. You need to hear it. Get a life dude.
  3. "It is" a monster of a show. Hell of a job tonight, Crown and co.
  4. Don't want it to peak early. Wonder what they have up their sleeves. Anyways.. this is the crown thread. Way to kick ### again Crown. You guys are the best!
  5. Santa Clara.. what a class act. That was beautiful.
  6. It is funny seeing some responses to the show after layers are being added. Starting to become something, eh?
  7. Home team bringing back first place! Good job, guys!
  8. GO CROWN! This closer is intense! Last two minutes of the show is ridiculous. Good luck and have fun guys!
  9. Yup. The whole point is something new for Crown. It's something unlike anything they've done before.. and that's not a bad thing. It's only July 1st. There's a lot of season left for layering and improvement.
  10. It is what it is. Just loved those unis is all :)
  11. It doesn't affect the show (at least for me).. but it does upset me because their uniforms used to be so.. so f'ing cool. My favorite, honestly.