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    Current member of the Sacramento Mandarins World Class Drum and Bugle Corps
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    Bluecoats, Phantom Regiment, Boston Crusaders
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    Bluecoats 2014 Tilt
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  1. Hello, my name is Alexis Macy. I have been contracted to march baritone with the Sacramento Mandarins for their 2015 season. This is a major dream come true for me because I have always wanted to march with a corps, but I never though I could because Im primarily a flute player. I had taught myself baritone (I have been playing for about 9 months now) and I never thought I wouldve been good enough. But now I have been contracted and I have the chance to live my dream. However, there are a lot of fees associated with drum corps. My tour fees plus round trip flight for April is $1600. I am in desperate need for help with this fee. My parents are doing all they can, but they also have financial committments, which means it is up to me to try to raise the funds. If you, or anyone you know could possibly help, I have a gofundme account with which you can donate. My gofundme is Any donation is greatly appreciated! Please, I really need help. It would be heartbreaking if I couldnt march my dream due to lack of finances. Thank you!