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  1. We are clearing out our storage unit as we come to the end of our 2nd season, we have items available for purchase. check out our website:
  2. @Blaster, we're still working through the DCI evaluation process, so our shows are not locked in yet. We are anticipating an early summer tour, with 2-4 shows mostly around Indiana. We did a similar schedule last year with our SoundSport team and it worked well for us. @Soprano Martin, Thanks! We look forward to seeing you this year, we had such a good time performing with you last year at bowling green!
  3. Indianapolis Ignition is hosting audition camps for our 2016 season: November 21st in Princeton Indiana (southern Indiana) December 5th in Plymouth Indiana (northern Indiana) December 20th in the Indianapolis Area at Triton Central High School These are one day events with lunch and a t-shirt included for attendees. Please see our website for more info:
  4. The Saints were a class act last year at Bowling Green, we had such a great time sharing the field with you!
  5. Hello folks, just wanted to give an update on our progress. Indianapolis Ignition is seeking Open Class certification for 2016. We had a great time in Sound Sport last year and are looking to take the next step. We will have a short season with approximately 4 local shows. Check us out at:
  6. We're getting close in Indianapolis. Indianapolis Ignition is looking at moving to Open Class next year for a limited tour.
  7. Anyone have word of a sell off plan for their old Yamahas?
  8. @xandandl, Both actually, at our next camp we'll be practicing circle drill in basics at 250 bpm to prepare! But in case that doesn't work, we're hoping that our name will evoke the showmanship aspect and punchy music of the SoundSport competition circuit.
  9. Hello DCP Community, I wanted to announce that we have a new marching organization this summer in Indiana: Indianapolis Ignition. We are doing an early summer SoundSport season with an eye in the next few years towards launching an open class drum and bugle corps. We're looking for members to fill out our roster, so if you know anyone around Indiana who was not able to join a corps or recently aged out, we would love to have them. If you have any questions about the group let me know. You can check us out at our website: Thanks! Paul