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  1. Thanks for the info. I've contacted a few of the corps and I get the same answer. Active brass ensemble, no plans for a battery line or competing in DCA anytime soon. Guess I should have learned how to play a horn.
  2. Hello, does anyone know of any currently active Sr. Corps in CA that are fielding a corps anytime soon? I started my drum corps career marching tenors with River City Regiment back in 2002 as a junior in high school. After aging out in 2007, I fell out of the activity until this past year when I was asked by an old teacher of mine to help with her drumline. Now I have the bug to march again. I've looked into every corps that I can recall and this is what I've been able to determine. RCR = folded in 2007 SF Renegades = barely kicking, but from best I can tell, not fielding anytime soon SoC