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  1. Thanks man! And, that's actually really cool!
  2. Hey all you Drum Corps people. Quite obviously, I'm new to Drum Corps Planet. I wanted to introduce myself to you all, however do so in a way that wasn't boring, or too long and or strenuous to read, so I figured I could do a little bullet-ed list of facts about me. SO, here we go! My name is Ronnie. I also go by Ron, or Grizzly. (Grizzly is the nickname i earned my rookie year of marching band.) I'm 15 years old. Young, I know. I have a total baby face, too. I started marching when I was 12, going on 13. So, around my 8th grade year. I play Tuba (as implied by my username) primarily, however I also play Euphonium, and Cymbals for indoor I march for the Rancocas Valley Regional High School Marching Band. It's a mouthful, I know. As much as it pains me to call myself this, I'm a MAJOR Cadets fan boy. I cried watching Madison Scouts 2013 show. Who didn't?! Besides band, I like trucks, boats, football, basketball, all sports video games, and music of all kinds. I eat a lot. More than a normal person eats. I'm around 5'10" and weigh 189 pounds, so one would expect me to eat quite a bit anyway. It's my dream to some day march with Carolina Crown. Hopefully by my junior year of high school. I auditioned for Cadets when I was 12. What an interesting time that was. I finally made Cadets2 when I was 14. I march WGI winds, DCA, and I do indoor percussion as well. That's about it! Thanks for reading. I look forward to speaking with you all and making like minded friends through this website.
  3. Hello everyone! For those who haven't met me already, I'm Ronnie. Major Jersey Surf fan . It's come to my attention in the past few years of being a Surf fan, that there's a hug lack of corps merch available for them. Now whether or not it's just me not looking hard or not, I can't be sure. My question to you all is, are they only selling merch at shows, on a small scale, and if that isn't the case, where online can I find it? (by the way, if anyone has any Jersey Surf swag they'd like to show off here, like shirts or sweatshirts or anything, do share! I'd love to see them.) Thanks guys!