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  1. That would be hella entertaining to see the outcome of those on the field, but those are actually for our Soundsport team, not the entire corps. Im not in the team but they're all playing on plastic instruments. I really dont know why that's the cover photo on Facebook now because it's confused literally so many people but whatever, I guess. You can rest assured we're sticking with Jupiter lol
  2. I'm marching mello this year. Actually, the arrangement is based on the acapella version by Twisted Measure! I like it so much more than the original, actually. It's all going really well so far so I'm excited to see how it turns out. As for the identity crisis, Surf is going back to their roots a bit this year, with the colorful aspect of shows. No doubt it'll be more 'Surf-esque' :)
  3. Hey, I'm a MM in the mellophone section for Surf this year. It's my rookie year of drum corps, and I can already tell, despite my lack of marching experience, that Surf is a very, very special organization. Not a single person involved in the organization is in any way, shape, or form worried about the progress we're making this season thus far. We all love how it's shaping up to be and are all so thrilled to see what the rest of the season holds not just for us, but for the rest of the drum corps community. I saw someone said on the first page that maybe we and the staff are getting a little tense due to our performance level, but that's not true at all! It's a very chill environment, actually, and we're all just having fun with the music. We aren't coming into this season with a crazy goal of how many corps we can beat out, though we are hoping to make it past Thursday night this year :) And there's no doubt we'd be a little bit 'better off' if we started earlier. Our season starts a bit later than other corps because many of our members are still in high school and late graduation, finals, etc can get in the way of spring training and potentially prevent some of us from being able to march with the corps. We'd much rather start a little bit later than risk taking the experience away from some of our members. After talking to some parents of returning MMs, I've learned that one of Surf's biggest issues is the fact that a lot of members only stay for a year or two before going off to another higher ranked corps. However, we do have those members every year that age out with us having spent their entire marching career with Surf. I can promise you, you have no reason to worry about us, if you are at all!! We're not worried even a little bit, and our show is going to be great and we love it, so hopefully you will all love it, too. :)
  4. Hey there, I'm a huge BAC fan who's auditioning this season on mello. No matter what happens, I'm super excited for next season with all these new staff announcements. They're gonna be awesome this year! :)
  5. Yeah I remember seeing that a while back. I don't know, I guess I'm just used to what they've been doing recently.
  6. I sat 14 rows from the front in Pittsburgh tonight. Hell yes!!! I think the closer is awesome, but I can't help but wish they would actually end the show in the crown set.
  7. I've been refreshing YouTube for over an hour now... Still nothing. Yikes.
  8. We drove two hours out from Pittsburgh to Massillon. I always thought I couldn't be more sure that it'd be incredible to be a part of Crown in a few years. But after hearing that first big hit... Holy hell, I'm hooked. 100% more certain. It might be because the only live show I've attended before this was last years finals, but this is a #### good show in my book.
  9. Percussion sounds great! This is gonna be a hell of a good season.
  10. Me too. Really sad that I couldn't head down to watch tonight.
  11. Hey, long-time stalker, one-time poster here. (Well, that one post was on last season's thread, but whatever.) So the performance tonight... Is it actually a stream, or just a video? I thought it would be a stream available to the donors, but maybe I'm wrong. Just donated, so I haven't heard much of it so far.
  12. I was at the Norwin practice earlier! It was a shame that it got rained out, and the corps finished up their rehearsal inside. I'd really been hoping to see them run through a bit more stuff, but this being my first ever live drum corps experience, I thought it was great! :) In my opinion, the new closer is much much better than the original. I was sitting on the fifty right beside the staff, and I heard them make a comment about getting rid of the changes they made to the Copland piece and playing the original version of it unless otherwise told because of an issue with the contras, but I'm not too sure about it as this point.