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  1. Oh no! I was just posting that to be careful, I am 100% completely committed to attending this summer. Thanks everyone again for your support, signing off until at least August! Enjoy your summer!
  2. Got the news a couple hours ago... I'm extremely honored to be the second tenor of The 2017 Cadets! I can't wait to continue working on what sounds like an incredible show with an incredible corps. I'll probably be a quite a bit less active on here in the coming months, but I'll still be around every once in a while to keep y'all in line. Everyone, staff and members, have been incredibly kind and welcoming. Also, thanks so much for helping teach me about DCI and drum corps, I've learned a lot! P.S. There is, of course, a small chance that I might not end up joining. No specific reason, b
  3. 30 lucky young members are representing the Bluecoats and DCI in Hong Kong!
  4. Get rid of the space to see an SCV clip! I tried to post it directly but it freaked out lol. 815982537759715328
  5. Get rid of the space to see an SCV clip! I tried to post it directly but it freaked out lol. 815982537759715328
  6. DCI news articles/videos are always a gamble, but this was a good one. Good job ABC7.
  7. I'd say it's closer to maroon than pink. With a gold mouthpiece cloth...
  8. Well crap lol. I'll probably just do it. There's a good chance it won't even be B's Mass, I've been preparing this piece for a while, ad there would really be no way I would know (except here), so I think it's okay. And thank you!
  9. I was planning on using "Simple Song" as my vocal audition... I don't know if I should rethink that or definitely use it, but either way it got a lot scarier! haha
  10. I would REALLY like to hear a horn line pre-1990 that could play what Crown did in 2013. Or 2014. Or 2015. Or basically any medalist/Ott winner in the last five(ten?) years. Sure, some problems have been "fixed," but it's not a less difficult activity. And phasing is NOT a thing of the past. Just ask the Bluecoats this year if you want proof of that. Also, DCI is no less entertaining than it was 30 years ago. It's just less entertaining to you.
  11. just so you know, there will be no singing this weekend. Which is a blessing or a curse, depending on if you like the idea haha