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  1. Thanks again for covering the show! It was a pleasure to formally meet another Statesmen alum!
  2. Hey gang. I've been trying to get the word out about a new DCI SoundSport group that is desperately trying to form out of a bad situation in Doylestown, Ohio. The alumni from Chippewa High in Doylestown were once a state competitive dynasty getting superior ratings at State Finals to winning a BOA regional title. In April we learned all of our trophies and hard work were thrown into a dumpster by the school (no sports trophies were destroyed...hrm). Trophies from the same program that delivered many DCI and DCA performers as well as a director of the US Marine Corps band. Obviously forming a SoundSport is hard work (and brasslines don't buy themselves), but we definitely have the staff and talent to do it, but we need some serious help getting our name and story out.
  3. I can't wait to see what the Bluecoats have up their sleeve! The end of the closer last year took a synthesizer and made it work in the most bizarre and awesome way with the hornline. I have never been a fan of outlandish props or electronics (or voiceovers) on the field, but it is that way now, and will continue to be. If it is executed right, it makes for a heck of a show.
  4. Hey DCP. I am a bit of a noobie here, so let me introduce myself :) I am an alumni of the Chippewa High School Marching Band in Doylestown, Ohio and The Empire Statesmen. Numerous members of the CHS band and staff were also in Statesmen, as well as Bluecoats, Capital Regiment, Glassmen, Troopers, Brigs . . . the list is too numerous to count. About two months ago the CHS alumni learned that the school threw all their OMEA and BOA trophies (and old photos) in a dumpster... yes, a dumpster. Leaving us to dig out the broken pieces. All of you know the hard work that goes in to BOA and State marching competitions, even if they were not on the DCI/DCA level. A group of alumni set out to try and make it right for the masses, and our goal is to be able to start a successful SoundSport group for the alumni, but obviously the cost involved is high with instruments, equipment, etc. If you could check out our website and watch our video story that would be awesome, and spread the word. This means so much to a group of highly talented musicians that have always been second-class citizens to athletes in the school district. We are also open to suggestions if anyone has started their own SoundSport or mini corps!