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  1. I have not seen any information to sell the Yamaha instruments. This is very strange since selling the instruments is how a corps usually pays for the horns. Actually, the Yamaha horns did not belong to the corps. The horns were purchased by a former corps director and he was just allowing Spirit to use them. Maybe they had to give them back to him? I was SHOCKED to see Spirit had given up the Yamaha instruments (since most all agree they are the best playing and sounding horns.... although that is an entirely different subject to discuss) and returned to Kanstul brass. I wish them the best of luck, but having taught horn lines playing Kanstul in the past I know it takes mature players to deal with the bore size and weight of the horns. Not sure SOA has that maturity level currently. Hope so, but we shall see. By the way, if anyone hears of a plan to sell off the "missing Yamaha" instruments please post. I would be interested in buying several.