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  1. Also to add to this, I will be doing cross country for the first year in highschool. Yes, it"ll conflict a bit with band but it'll be a great air stamina whatever builder which would probably help with playing in general *cough* *cough* tuba *cough*. Also there most likely isn't, but I'll still look, a sousaphone somewhere in our band room. As I've been told.
  2. So, hello, I'm an alto sax player in marching band. My band is rather small and has very little funding from the school (enough to pay for buses to transport us and our instruments to games and such). We only have 2 low brass players, the first being a trombone and the second being (not a brass though) a baritone saxophone. I've been fond of low brass since I discovered DCI on youtube and since our band is lacking in that area I decided to take on switching from alto sax to either euphonium, baritone, or tuba. Problem is we don't have any marching euphoniums, baritones or tubas. We do, however, have 2 concert model tubas, 2 concert model euphoniums, and from what I know, 0 baritones. We do have 2 flugelbones and a couple of mellophones, but those aren't brass. My goal is to play tuba if I am able to learn over the summer, in time for band camp. My first question is, should I learn to play euphonium then go to tuba, or go straight to tuba ? I was thinking to transition to tuba rather than jump right to it since I'd have to adjust to the brass embouchure first. Then again I'd still have to adjust to play tuba if I jump anyways, then my obstacle would be the air input adjustment. I have little time to decide since I can only get into our band room tomorrow then Tuesday (graduation day). Should I take home both the euphonium and the tuba or just one ? My second question is, is it possible to have a technician convert a tuba from strictly concert to marching tuba/euphonium ? Would that process be expensive ? I'm not yet old enough to work (I'm 15) I can cut grass but I'm not that great on reaching out to people who would want me to cut their grass. I'd ask my parents to help pay but they already have enough money bs problems to deal with and I don't want to feel bad for asking. Sorry if this post was tl;dr I always talk too much, probably because I hold it all in at school