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  1. Thank you BD for putting on one of the best story telling shows of all time. Atlanta really changed my mind about it for the better. Also... by last night the trumpet screaming didn't bother me at all. Which almost never happens, so good for you! Cannot wait to see what you pull off next season! Nothing but best wishes for such a class act!
  2. Darrin Davis has had SCV in 2nd earlier. Not surprised they were second there again. Congrats to SCV on a fantastic season!
  3. Unfortunately UA's band camp started today for me, so no finals. I hope everyone who is performing has a fantastic last run and leaves it all on the field. Those of you who get to watch, enjoy all of the wonderful shows you'll get to see. Lastly, GO SCV!!!! Win that championship!
  4. SCV showing they aren't going to let BD take overall visual. Good for them! Keep it up SCV!!!
  5. Seemed a little off to me. The little squiggle brass feature sounded like it had a slight tear. Overall a fantastic performance that I absolutely loved!
  6. Disagree with the guard content scores, but not for the top 2. Congrats to bd
  7. That's what my fear was. Huge risk with that type of solo work mic'd