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  1. I wish the most subjective caption of them all wasn't weighted the most, but it is what it is. Based on the stream I'd agree and say SCV wins music, BD visual, and Bluecoats GE.
  2. Awww that's too bad. If you hate Auburn/Georgia then I'm fine with that lol. I gotta support my school since they are taking my money... so much...
  3. That razor thin margain can change so quickly. That's insanely tight. I think the thing that will keep SCV from top 2 is visual. Music and GE is clearly there.
  4. Well, for those who may not be as fortunate, there is the opportunity to see it.
  5. There is a real good viewing of this show on a pretty popular website atm...
  6. I wasn't directly aiming this at you, I understand that it isn't your (or many others) cup of tea. It isn't my favorite show of the year either. I'm definitely in agreement about the visual program. I wish there was more. I miss the drill aspect that I get from Boston and Crown.
  7. I think this year's SCV show is similar to last year in many ways, however, it feels different enough at the same time. I'd definitely say last year's was more enjoyable, but this year is definitely not as bad as some are making it out to be. Still a definite medal contender. Still an enjoyable production. Side note, watching some recent video of BD has me very excited to see them in Atlanta. Loving that show immensely.
  8. Seems like they took a page out of the Bluecoat's and BD's playbooks.
  9. I think the biggest issue is the uniforms, especially for judging visual. They are hard to read from a high perspective, especially in contrast with the bright blue coats from the bluecoats. "The bluecoats" just doesn't feel like a show that if it wins I'd be like "yes, that year the best show was definitely the winning one" like I've felt the past few years. It definitely feels like it deserves a medal, but I'm not sure I'm sold on it being the best of the year. Still crazy good and crazy entertaining either way, similar to Jagged Line. Nothing but the best! I wish Atlanta would get here sooner!
  10. Can't wait to hear that closer when it's finished.
  11. I never thought I'd say this, but after seeing both shows back to back I'd prefer Vanguard's. Not visually, but musically more engaging for me. I'm really starting to like it more and more. Just noticeably dirtier than bluecoats right now.
  12. The spread is the same from the last time they met. It felt like SCV had an off night while BD had a stellar one. Will be interesting to see the spread tomorrow.