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  1. Man, Twitter is being ruthless. I know we joke about DCP being hateful, but Twitter has had nothing but disrespect for BD. It almost seems worse than in 2015.
  2. Well BD and Boston could definitely share a guard title. Both are stellar.
  3. Perhaps, but a different night in a different venue with different viewing angle can lead to different results. Also .1 is definitely an interchangeable score either way. If it were more than that, then I could see it.
  4. Also is there really such a thing as an entire panel being partial to a particular group? Doesnt seem likely that it can or will happen. I know some judges are biased AGAINST groups, but an entire panel? No group has a panel that will enable them the win.
  5. They were certainly suffering in achievement, especially following BD. It's a tough act to follow.
  6. Personally, Crown and Cavies were standouts tonight. So much energy from those groups.
  7. Not my cup of tea, but still a great job by Bluecoats. I think BD was better tonight.
  8. Fell in love with the show in Atlanta, just as enjoyable now. Loved it, PC!!
  9. Mainly judge opinions at this point. With a spread like that there's only a small group of people's opinions deciding if a group will be getting 1st or 2nd. Sorry that's worded weird. Basically different group of judges can easily flip based on how they feel. Idk why I made it so wordy
  10. Is it too late to say how bizarre it is that what is arguably the most subjective caption is weighted the most? Like I get that GE is cool and all that, but when you can have a group not win any other caption but GE and come out as the overall winner it's just strange. Sorry for the tangent. Also this is NOT a dig at the bluecoats this year whatsoever. Just a casual observation/criticism of the current judging system.
  11. And they were 2nd in music to Crown. It is crazy close in the music caption. Really is anyone's game
  12. BD is setting up for a 2015 level upset all over again... finals will be very interesting to watch