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  1. I agree - and I have been thinking that way for a while. But for me, allow synth and pre-recorded sound effects only. My feeling is this: Drum Corps is a performance medium, to be performed by the 154 members on the field. NOT the 154 AND all the studio musicians you hired back in Chicago. If you want vocals, great. If you want singing, solo or a full choir - wonderful! But use a current marching member, NOT a professional studio musician. And if they can't do the job, or sound like Sinatra or John Lennon, then too bad... you'll have to do something else.
  2. I have friends throughout the US that I see just once a year - at drum corps shows. It's an amazing thing we all share, and hard to explain to those on the outside.
  3. Do they even have a hornline?? A lot of non-playing by Mandarins.
  4. Agree 100%. I was actually a little bored by everyone else. BTW - if Boston’s show is about the underdog as they say, shouldn’t it be titled David? And not Goliath.
  5. Dude! 😖 I am not a fan of dark shows, but the Mandarins have certainly found their place. I'm sure it will be very programmatic. As for Academy... no music announced yet? I can only hope they include one obvious choice.
  6. Just saw this - from the OP. Hmm... Rising up from the mist. Building up? Color against grays = hope? I have no clue. Consider me officially teased.
  7. Agree!! It was amazing! Unforgettable! The entire crowd was into it - like they were willing PR to be Champions that night.
  8. That first paragraph is a little heavy-handed - would it really be the reason DCI suspended their application? If so, then DCI just gave a giant gut punch to all those kids.
  9. ETA, you are not alone. I felt little to no emotional connection with the shows this year. Sure, they were all performed extremely well - but I spent most of my time asking, "What does this mean?" "Why did they do that?" "What in the world is going on?" I miss the music. It is very clear that music no longer drives a show. Shows today are driven by the visual, with the music as incidental support - like the background to a movie.
  10. I am 100% in agreement with you on this. I posted in another thread that it used to be Music that ruled the day, and the visual elements were in support of the music. But now it seems that visual is king, supported by random blasts of noise. There was no emotional engagement for me in San Antonio. After a while, it looked like everyone was doing the same show - just with different costumes.
  11. I agree 100%. I hardly felt engaged by the shows in San Antonio - I mostly felt attacked. It used to be that music was the purpose, and the visual elements supported the music. Now it seems that visual gymnastics rule the day, supported by random blasts of sound.
  12. Great story on about Phenom - the Academy sponsored SoundSport. Really glad for those kids to get that opportunity. And by the way, they sound great!! Click link: Phenom Article and Videos