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  1. I’m stunned by the lack of a very high caliber guard caption head. I also think they need to re-evaluate the choreography individual as his work in 2018 left a lot to be desired. I honestly don’t know what to think about this set of additions other than I’ll have to wait and see. I feel like Rick Subel is on his last leg this season if it’s worst or on par with 2018. As a crown homer, I am truly underwhelmed but hoping for the best.
  2. I'm in Indy and Crown had their best run of the season tonight. I hope it shows up in the scores.
  3. I also made to Indy and cannot wait for the Beast to take the field. I'll provide my thoughts later tonight on Crown's performance.
  4. Thanks for the commentary as I was not able to watch and appreciate your thoughts!
  5. I agree, as I watched the high cam tonight and it appeared much cleaner than when I saw it live at Talen Energy Stadium on Wednesday. I hope the scores reflect it.
  6. I watched the show on Flo tonight and the visual / drill looked very clean tonight. I hope their scores reflect it. That was by far the best run of the season. -Great Job to the MM!
  7. Way to go SCV, Crown, Blue Stars, and the Colts for closing gaps or passing up who was in front of you. P.S. If anyone has the recap, please post it, as my DCI.org keeps giving me a gateway time out error!
  8. My prediction tonight on captions: GE Visual - SCV GE Music - SCV VP- BD VA - SCV CG - BD Brass - SCV or Crown MA- SCV or Crown Drums - SCV (Crown in 2nd)
  9. Does anyone know what Crown has been up too? I noticed yesterday and today are full practice days with no shows. Should we expect some changes on Thursdays show? Also, can anyone with guard knowledge provide a commentary of why they are lagging the other top 5 corps. When I look at what they are doing, it seems like its just as hard as the others.
  10. So my two cents from watching the show last night are as follows: Crown made a lot of visual body movement/dance changes throughout the show. I think these are great and are 100% necessary if you want to compete with the big boys, so this is positive in my view. However, they are still not clean which leaves a huge opportunity to score some additional points. But cleaning alone will move them lower in the standings if they take the approach that it will solve all their issues. The ballad, while loved by some, felt very odd to me musically with the new changes. I guess I was expecting what I have been hearing, so I will need to hear it again, however the visuals added to the ballad really enhance it. I would love for the tail formation to be coming out of the beast (aka... totter) instead of facing the end zone as it currently is. I like the changes to blow it up and start again with all the new guard members riding the totter. I would figure out more excitement for this moment as it could be even more engaging. Maybe lots of rifle tosses over the beast from behind it, instead of side to side. I know they have probably thought of this, but I could see them avoiding it for safety. I would totally take the risk as I deem the reward high, however they would need to make sure no one accidentally gets hit. They must figure out how to use the totter more in the show. The biggest opportunity they have in my opinion is to put it on wheels, so it can be moved around the field during the show a various times. Those wheels should be removable so during the blow it up and start again it’s stable. For example, if the totter was moving around somehow in the intro and especially the 2nd moment it could potentially add a ton of GE. They could also move it in and out of the drill at the end and spin it around with a new face on it. At least 3 bigger color guard moments are needed. I have no clue what they would be, but the dragons flying around at the end are ineffective and could be introduced earlier in the show (i.e. the second movement as that part of the show is really dry). If I was Crown design staff, I would heavily focus on adding GE to the show as it’s what is creating a huge gap between #1-3, and of course cleaning the heck out of visual/music.
  11. Can you please share some of the changes you saw tonight?