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  1. Does anyone know if John Escalate is returning as the corps choreographer? I thought he did a good job in 2019 and a choreographer is mandatory in today's drum corps world.
  2. Does anyone have knowledge on how good of a designer Byron is? If Crown can get their color guard into top 3 they will be very formidable.
  3. I hope Crown puts it down tonight and when the corps leaves the field they know they put on there most perfect and best show of the season. I look forward to all you got. Let's go Crown!
  4. Based on what I saw and heard tonight, I think Crown will take 3rd tomorrow or Saturday night in an upset. Anyone else agree?
  5. I know this is probably an unpopular opinion, but based on what I saw and heard tonight, I think Crown is going to upset SCV and take third if not tomorrow on Saturday. Anyone agree?
  6. I'm on the plane to Indy now and could not be more excited to see Crown! I hope to meet some of you there that are going. GO CROWN!
  7. I'll be there as well and cannot wait!
  8. The electricity Crown produced in Allentown last night was only felt by the two blue groups at the top the night before. I hope the rest of the GE judging community can go beneath the surface of the Beast and reward the relentless execution of the performers and staff. I know someone did this a few posts up, but I could not help but join in the fun. On another note, I am very pleased Crown beat the bluecoats in Drums for the first time this season.😎 As we say in the Carolinas #keep-pounding
  9. I was at the Allentown show both nights and Crowns energy and sound got a huge crowd response. More importantly, I'm proud of their results! I hope they keep pushing hard as they have a lot of potential and room to grow imo. I also hope their GE scores start turning a corner and they earn a 3rd place finish at finals.
  10. Folks I went back and watched last night's top 6 again and I must say the judges made a statement to Crown that hard drill and their style is not appreciated nor, will it be rewarded now and into the future. That's not to say the show is perfect, but more to say that the judging community only wants to reward stuff like what Scv has on the field. This is not a knock to SCV but in my opinion Crown has a harder show both musically and visually. What I think bothers me the most is that a corps with #1 Brass and & MA scores got 6th in GE from both music GE judges. That's a rebuke of not how well you play your book but how much they dislike the music choices. I spoke to several band directors who watched last night and they said Crown should be less than half a point with SCV or half a point over based on what they saw and heard. Clearly none of us are judges but it does sicken me where the activity is heading as marching and playing does not matter anymore. This is really quite a shame. I want the kids to know they put on stunning performance last night and their best of the season so far. I hope the Staff makes all the changes they can to get this show into metals, as it isn't over till its over.🙁
  11. I realize there are some things that could be improved in this show, especially the staging in the ballad, but overall it is an excellent product with many great moments. I did notice two of the GE judges tonight have not judged Crown in GE (G. Fugett and G.Oliviero) at all this season, so maybe that played into the volatility. Both G. MARKHAM and M. Stone have scored Crown in GE twice, of which M.Stone most recently did in Bentonville and (he/she) gave them the exact same score 5 days ago. That feels strange that not one ounce of improvement was rewarded in 5 days, but I guess M.Stone had a statement to make. However, my advice to the staff at this point would be to listen closely to the feedback and adjust whatever can be done to keep pushing this show to max it out. I am wishing Crown the best, and hope they stay focused on pushing higher and higher.
  12. This will probably not happen, but based on what I saw and felt, tonight's placements would be: 1. Bloo 2. BD 3. Crown 4. SCV 5. BAC 6. Cavies 7. Stars 8. BK 9. Cadets 10. X-Men 11. PR 12. Mandarins 13. SOA 14. Academy 15. Colts 16 - 22 (everyone else as I didn't see those shows and cannot opine)
  13. Could just be me, but Crown had a better run than SCV tonight. -Thoughts?
  14. So I re-watched the Memphis Flomarching performance of Crown, SCV, and Boston. Based on my untrained eye, it appears Crown has the most visually to clean of the three of them. Who knows if that will be enough, plus whatever changes they intend to make over the coming weeks, but I could see this show leaping into third or second place on the high end and on the low end placing in 4-5. Regardless of placement, I am a big fan of this show and I like how competitive it is with the other top 6 corps. To me, they have proved that you can still have demanding drill in your visual, as it is becoming less and less appreciated. I also get the argument that there are other types of visual demand (i.e. choreography), of which Crown offers fans a healthy balance of both styles. -I am hoping for an 87.4 score tonight!
  15. Yeah maybe the only themes that are understood nowadays is when corps show's are about moving up and down on slides and tilting. Those shows made so much sense that I even I felt like a genius, because "I got it." LoL!