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  1. Yeah, I think BD beats them by 1 point at least and they haven't even performed yet.
  2. I just figured out how I feel about this SCV show. It is so sterile and uninteresting and feels like Babylon 3.0. That is all. -Carry on!
  3. Me also, as I am deeply sorry to hear this!
  4. All, I was there tonight and no video does this show justice, as you have to see it and feel it for yourself. I was told they will learn the remaining closer drill tomorrow & Monday. The kids already have it on the UDB app and know they have to learn their dots. There is also more layers of choreography that will be added, but they have to do one thing at a time, as there is so much in it already. I also spoke with a college band director who has watched drum corps for many years who told me that that drumline is the best in Crown history. He told me based on what he heard tonight, book is very difficult and will contend for the Sanford. Seriously, this show is got some serious fire power too it. I for one loved it and the energy is thru the roof. Great job on a first show Crown staff and members, as there is tremendous work to be done!👊
  5. My revised early season predictions for finals night: 1. Crown 2. Blue Devils 3. Bluecoats 4. Boston Crusaders 5. Santa Clara Vanguard 6. Cavilers 7. Phantom Regiment 8. Cadets 9. Mandarins 10. Blue Knights 11. BlueStars 12. Colts or Academy
  6. Not at all. I understand the skepticism, but the app design is top notch and it doesn't distract at all, I promise.
  7. Once you open the app during the intro you dont have to do anything else as it listens to what is being played and reacts. The app is extremely simple to use during a show and honestly you dont focus on it much, as the show itself is freaking amazing without it. You all will love this once you experience it and you can even use it during flomarching views, as they designed it for those watching at home and in the audience. It's so 😎!
  8. Alright Crown fans. I have a detailed update from tonight's ensemble rehearsal, as they were in full uniform, the crowd used the Crown Live App (I personally loved every second of it) and the props were fully dressed. A couple of things to note per my discussions: 1) some of the props are not ready yet and will not be in the show for the next couple of weeks due to delays in shipping (they have a decent amount of props already on the field already, btw) 2) the closer is only 3/4's done, because the last 75 seconds of drill is so hard and fast that the staff has not been to get it to a good spot at this time, so they stand and play it and it is so loud you need headphones, lol. From my understanding, they will be working on the remaining closer drill during this upcoming week. Part 1: I really love the Jacob Collier piece. Not only is this super cool, but it also has such a cool vibe it that the audience will be surprised by the wall of sound coming from the first note. The smack was sensational in such a good way! I think this adds great GE. Nothing really to say here other than, its loud and to the point. Part 2: Insane, Insane, Insane. The visual and the music are just insanity. I was speechless, but I also see a lot of dirty feet in this section, so I can see putting a lot of time into cleaning this part. Its a maximum level of difficulty in the DCI arena. Part 3: This ballad is simply one of the best Crown has ever played. I agreed with someone's comment earlier about babies being thrown. OMG the sweet parts are ear candy and the climax is loud it will bring you to your feet. Part 4: ####, ####, ####! This is the coolest part of the show. Words cannot describe how cool this part is and the drum feature is freaking amazing. There is a lot going on in this part and everyone will need more than one viewing to catch it all. The guard also has some great moments in this part. I also like the choreography that the brass does in this section. The staff deserve a lot of credit for this section. Part 5: The closer is typical Crown. It's pretty dirty feet wise at the moment, but they work on it for 2 plus hours tonight and will continue to do so in time. The music builds, builds, builds, and builds some more, until you are left with a wall of sound and everyone is on their feet clapping. I will say this is not your typical Crown show, as it has its own identify. Anyhow, I cannot wait for the world to see what I just experienced tonight. I hope they have an undefeated season. -Good Night!
  9. Crown's show is not only insanely difficult (visually and musically), but also very entertaining. The guard is stunning as I predict they will be top 3 for sure. Their rifle and saber work is very clean and difficult.
  10. I heard Crown tonight live and I predict no one will beat them in brass this year. I repeat no one will beat them in Brass, as they play more notes in part two than the entire Boston show combined. Their book is insane and only can be compared to 2012 from a level of difficulty perspective. Sorry if this is a strong opinion or it hurts feelings. -Carry on!
  11. We are all so jealous and happy for you at the same time, lol. Can you please drop your thoughts after rehearsal without revealing anything we are suppose to know? You know the kind of stuff we all clamor too, like how was the drumline, the brass, guard, pit, general effect, ballad, yada yada.... Thank You in Advance!
  12. My guess for scores on opening night: 1. Bluecoats: 73.2 2. Cavilers: 72.7 3. Boston Crusaders: 72.6 4. BlueStars: 70.9 5. Phantom Regiment: 70.1 6. Crossmen: 68.4 I hope each corps kills it!
  13. I echo these comments, as the battery seems very talented from my non trained ear. Brass wise, I didn't get a good read and some of the runs sounded sloppy which might just be the cell phone quality. Also, the ballad left me feeling kind of empty, but it is very early season and I am sure it will mature. In my view, all DCI shows previewed in the next 2 weeks will be rough drafts of the final product and no one should over hype finals placements too much, as there is lots of time to layer and clean. Overall, I think BAC will have a great season and I wish them the best of luck.
  14. I'm told they get Sunday evening blocks off for laundry, so no.
  15. Anxiously awaiting a video drop as my searches are showing up dry at the moment. Anyone?
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