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  1. What he said. I've said for years that the ONLY person I could ever see being able to handle The Cadets would be him. Now BD gets him instead...congrats to them.
  2. Fusion had a Bari spot as of 2 weeks ago. No clue if its been filled or closed, as it is nearly Labor Day... I'm not associated with the group...just heard it from a friend who is. Good luck either way!
  3. What evidence do you have that lines in G play "lower" on average, with longer soundwaves? The horns may be in a lower key, but the absolute pitch is about the same. G hornlines play in C, D, and G a lot, whereas Bb Horns play in Bb, Eb, F, and Ab a lot. If anything, corps playing on G horns actually play HIGHER relative to the key of their instrument, since their tonic / lowest overtone is a minor third lower. In other words, its way easier to play a high C on a sop than on a trumpet...because its actually a lower note on the sop. I realize almost everyone here knows that, but still....
  4. It was indeed 85. I've heard 2 reasons. The most common is that the corps was marching so many odd meters that it didn't really matter which foot was 'normally' supposed to lead, as it changed every 3 sets anyway. The second part is more heresay. Apparently the corps was getting a little too comfy / sure of themselves after having won 2 in a row, and sully wanted to change things up / do something new
  5. At the bucs camps i've been to, the members piled into their cars and went out for lunch. Showdays or DCA weekend could be different though
  6. I believe they are back there on saturday / sunday. Is that the same site we used last year? Because I remember folks saying it was, so that would make sense...
  7. Exactly. I Did research BDs show this year (watched their show design videos), whereas I did no research on crowns show, other than what i've read here. Crowns show still made more sense to me (not that I disliked BD either). On top of that, if you showed those 2 performances to someone you grabbed off the street in indy, i would bet they felt the same way. Again, i did like BD's show, but implying that Crown is at the same level as them in terms of "WTF show design" is just...wrong.
  8. I had this exact discussion (more or less) with some friends last night. First of all - I loved crowns show. I was at finals, and I also managed to watch a video of it (sshhhhh!) 4 times in 24 hours. This coming from a cadets fan, who is more than moderately annoyed at times that they have basically owned my corps for the 5 of the past 6 years. I've never bought a thing from them, and they've never had my favorite show of the year....until now. As far as "getting the show"...understand this. There are some people (and I talked to some like this last night), who will never be able to accept
  9. Well thats a 180 from everything i've ever heard.... at least as far as having to stay at a hotel in general Truth? Or not...?
  10. Statesmen are at Lake Forest HS, in Delaware tomorrow. Home of my last Chapter IX TOB championships a decade ago! :)
  11. Hmm...he doesn't look that different from when I knew him
  12. Many of whom probably dont even need a hotel in annapolis.... I know I could be involved with cadets2 (distance wise), but wouldn't bother with a hotel if I was going to the show. Certainly not for 3 or 4 nights anyway. Plus, i'm guessing a lot of them are college aged...or older (yes, I saw plenty of 14-17 year olds as well in the corps) So yeah, they probably will follow the "Reading" model sometime in the near future. Personally, I cant imagine DCA without the hotel experience, but thats just my personal preference. With them being responsible for so many kids, I can understand why they do
  13. I know a lot of you guys dont read facebook, but this very thing was already suggested as one of the first comments. C2's logic, apparently, is that they dont quite have the following, or the alumni base (duh), of a corps like the bucs, so they would have no real chance of staying at a school, and selling off the rooms. I'm sure they would love to be able to do that....just not able to yet.
  14. I marched in that line...for a rehearsal or two. Couldn't do DCA this summer though. And we were certainly louder in 2010. And yes, on G bugles then, and still now. Be kind of silly to buy new horns for the corps' last year.
  15. This is ALMOST exactly how I feel. I'm not even sure I could go this far though. I wanted to write a big long review of finals weekend, from sitting on the 50 yard line in the highest section - and of course that would have included a nice long section on the constant BD debate. But...i dont have time right now That said, i do often get the impression that BD's brand of different often equals "better" in the judges' minds. I wont even go as far as to say its easier, although i do personally think it is sometimes, but I sure as hell am not qualified truly judge all of that. I also disagree w