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  1. Hello everyone, I am a student at Mississippi State University trying to march my age-out this coming season. I marched Blue Knights in 2014 and took this past Summer off. I would really appreciate any help, advice, tips or suggestions you may be able to give me. Below I am attaching my GoFundMe link for you to check out(and possibly donate?) My email is if you would like to reach me that way. Thank you for your time and God Bless!
  2. KnightofBlue

    2015 Programs and Playlist:

    I'm new here so hopefully this is on topic. The programs this year are actually disappointing to me. I expected more from all the hype Cadets and Coats put out there. I honestly don't even understand the Blue Devils show, and I just don't even know about Phantom and Blue Knights. It is hard to top a year like BK had last year, and I think that the design staff lacked quite a bit when designing the show. I like how they tried to build off of "That One Second..." but I think that their show design is going to hurt them in the end. I haven't seen much of Phantom's show, but from what it looks like BK and Phantom are battling for 7th and 8th. As someone who marched BK in 2014 and almost overtook Phantom at finals I honestly hope they beat them in the end. The hornline is outstanding just like last year, so hopefully BK doesn't take the route that Spirit took in 2014. As for who I think will place where, I am pretty confident in my predictions for the top 5 at finals. 1. Blue Devils - They have a cool show, though I can't quite understand it. They haven't lost one yet though, so. 2. The Cadets - I'm not a fan of their show this year, but the scores have them trailing behind BD by like a point. 3. Vanguard - I have always pulled for Vanguard. Their show is one of the few that actually make sense to me this year though. Love it. 4. Bluecoats - So much for taking first this year. Sorry, their show just isn't what I was hoping for. I expected it to be atleast as good as tilt or better. 5. Crown - Still one of my favorite corps, but they aren't showing how dominant their hornline should be. They have the talent and design. I am just waiting for them to actually take advantage of what they have.