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    The Beat My Heart Skiped (Blue Devils 2011)
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  1. Donquai Crawley

    Yamaha MG20XU field/indoor percussion PA system

    Where would pick up be?
  2. Donquai Crawley

    Need a uniform design?

    If its not to late I was wondering if you could do my World and Open Class corps uniforms. I wanted the uniforms to based of my high school uniforms. My World class uniforms i wanted to look like this I had a uniform design already but I'm sure you could do much better : And my Open Class corps uniform I wanted to look like this: If you're able to do it that would be amazing and if not i completely understand. Thanks
  3. Donquai Crawley

    New Members

    Hey guys, new member here. Just wanted to say hi to everyone. That is all.