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  1. On to college football now...........Go Mountaineers!!!!!!!!
  2. Hoping the rain holds off tonight in Winston Salem during RainBeat.....I mean NightBeat. That was for you Terri :) Also, would be nice to catch up with DrumManTX.
  3. Personally, I don't think the show is all that good, ballad is great, soloists are great, drumline is pretty good. There are really just a few groundbreaking shows since DCI started this scoring system. 1) 1983 Garfield Cadets 2) 1993 Star 3) Possibly Coats 2016, just because of the style shift. SCV is executing well and is in the drivers seat this season with a nice show.....enjoy :)
  4. BD used to be my favorite corps, they do little for me the last few years :/
  5. I'm not sold on the show either, great music and performance through the ballad, think Bloo takes it in aug.
  6. Yeah, I think SCV is good, just not the show design level that Bloo has going, they fix perc problems Bloo will be right there in aug.
  7. If bloo fixes the phasing between the pit and battery they will win, like SCV or BD or not.
  8. Just kidding ofcourse, had to post it tho :) My wife says I'm still a child....thats good isn't it
  9. I remember '78, I was 13, watched drum corps for the first time that year.