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  1. Lol.....virtual competitions.....thats just too incorporated into the Mark my words here ladies and DCI in 2021, there won't be DCI in 2022! Education boards and policies have been killing music in public schools for decades, might be too big a mountain to climb after taking 2 years off.
  2. Personally I think DCI should plan on a regular season with fans in attendance. Several vaccines are ready and should be available well before the season starts, even with a late start on rehearsal schedules this shouldn't affect the final product put on the field in late June. Young people have had little issues with this virus, let's protect the vulnerable and get on with life.
  3. I like her reaction vids, watched several military and football vids before she started on drum corps, she makes it clear when she genuinely enjoys a vid.
  4. Time is running out on the '21 season, too much to plan for with no set of guidelines to plan with...unfortunately. With that in mind, expect roughly half of the corps able to field a competitive drum corps in '22, and at a significant downgrade in quality for most, if not all the programs. People have to make a living, even if it's not what they love or enjoy. I'm thinking the question is...will drum corps be able to rebuild over the coming decades?
  5. Somehow, BD winning percussion tonight just seems odd, 10.0 in content very strange.....just saying.
  6. Do it Bloo, all of us old alums are with you!
  7. I marched with Bluecoats that year, we did an exhibition show there, we were in the area and had a few West Virginia players. Remember Bridgemen doing that.
  8. Yep, first live drum corps show I ever seen, back around 79 or 80 I think, old Marshall stadium in Huntington, sell out every year.
  9. I know they do, been there a few times, just too much money to swing it for that, add Bloo and I would be in 🙂
  10. It's a more mature show than Boston's, better design than Crown's. Crown's brass performance scores are keeping them ahead of Cavies for now, that might change as well.
  11. Born and raised in Charleston, not going to make that 4 hour trip to see the show, just not enough top corps there to warrant the travel expenses. Wish DCI and show sponsors would put together a better line up for this show, used to be a very good show years ago.
  12. Yes, frankly, I thought Cavies where the 3rd best show there. Just wondering if they can hold on to 5th long term.
  13. Yeah, crowd response was incredible, I sat 7 rows up on the 50 so I could gauge the response really well....and Bloo owned the night by a huge margin.
  14. Was at the show last night, Bluecoats did indeed have the biggest crowd far, even over Crown. Cavies show is very good, not sure if they can catch Boston, but I wouldn't be surprised. I find it hard to believe that BD's horn book has more content than Bloo's. There just isn't anything there that would put it in contention with bloo's brass book. I'm sure that this late in the season the judges would have a grasp of book content from all the corps. But the most striking thing from last night was just how good every corps was, even Spirit and Phantom had well designed and entertain