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  1. cavaliers 2002, but I dont know what its called. Those chords are some serious goosebump producers.
  2. Hello everyone. I am auditoning for the oregon crusaders this season and have been playing trombone for 7 years and marching for 4 years, I am 1st chair in the wind ensemble at my high school and am wiondering, how many people typically audition for the OC hornline? Thanks!
  3. Anybody know how large the corps will be this year?
  4. I think he was referring to Kinetic Noise as tilt 2. I may be wrong that just an assumption.
  5. cavaliers. They know what works, they know what dosent work, they have learned alot this year. With an easier show with a better concept next year they should move up.
  6. Cavaliers (Idc what ppl thought about this show. I LOVED this show, and 9th place or not, this was a great show!) Cadets Academy Crown Blue Knights Honorable mention: Cascades (The start of a rise back up)
  7. This was a very rough season for the corps, perhaps even worse than 2012, and despite the fact that they may finish lower than they have since 1983, I loved this show more than anything theyve put on the field since 2010.
  8. Was there ever a year where prelims, semis, and finals were all won by different corps?
  9. I really hope they rebound next year. They had such good momentum going from 2013 to until about midseason 2015.
  10. It is really heartbreaking to see the cavaliers in 9th.
  11. 1: carolina Crown (really, I could see Crown, BD, and cadets end up in any of the three placements) 2: cadets 3: Blue Devils 4: Bluecoats 5: SCV 6: BK 7: Cavies (maybe coulda overtaken BK had they not gotten sick) 8: Phantom (Improved vastly over the season, just didnt seem to be enough to move up) 9: Madison 10: Crossmen 11: Boston 12: Blue Stars
  12. River City Rhythm saw a score jump that got them over colt cadets and raiders. Impressive. Looks like they will grab a spot in OC finals.
  13. The corps im most concerned about right now is cascades. There getting beat by alot of open class corps, and there semifinals chances are getting pretty low.