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  1. The title caught me off guard as well. It was more jarring yesterday than today, and I am eager to see what they do with the show. In reference to an earlier post that refers to one side versus the other (to be fair, I am not using all contents of the post), yin and yang/opposites/complementaries, etc. are not all created equal or equally opposite of each other in the same way; Old :: Young and Day :: Night, are facts that cannot be debated. They happen without moral judgement, they are of nature and not man. Sincerity :: Deceit and Innocence :: Wisdom happen as part of the human condition an
  2. I am trying so hard to follow Spirit's show. Maybe it is me. I just don't get it at all.
  3. Finally, my first live showing of Bluecoats, PR, and Troop in 2015! I will give this review my best shot. I liked or appreciated something about every performance. Racine Scouts- I think the show idea is good. They try to convey the story of Van Gogh when he was insane, painting from his wild imagination. The production contains a "Van Gogh" figure represented by a guard member, and a painting easel that is often a visual focus. I believe the painting is "Starry Night", though it is hard to tell in that when it is finally revealed at the end of the performance, it is the size of a children'
  4. Sorry, I should have typed my comment more carefully. I did not mean to suggest Waymire wasn't qualified for the job. I really do want to know how new judges are assigned to certain shows, and yes, those assigned to judge the top groups like what happened at the Clifton show. I was thinking that maybe they slowly introduce them in to it all.
  5. I have never heard of this judge. Is he one of the many new ones? If so, how is a new judge assigned to a show like this where possibly the top three lines are head to head?
  6. What do I think? I think your somewhat deceptive thread title has caused 82 of us to click on the thread at this point, to read your post, and to be disappointed. All that followed by either internal self dialogue or audiable responses, or perhaps both. I said, "Really?". My dog looked up at me with that "Huh?" dog look and then put his head back down. He's cute.
  7. Okay. Thanks. I guess I did not dig enough. This does not fit with what I saw last night. I am kind of shocked actually. Seems a version of BAC's RISE, but I do not think it is working for them at this point. We did hear crackles and wind effects. I guess that was supposed to be the fires of Civial war era Atlanta burning or something like that? I think they will need a lot of changes to make this show description come to life. Hmmm.
  8. I have looked for several days now and cannot find a detailed description of Spirit's show. Saw them live tonight for the first time and think I just missed it somenow. Thanks in advance!
  9. Olathe, sorry for the mispellinhg in the thread title. Could not figure out how to change it. Olathe Olathe Olathe So happy to have drum corps in Kansas. Thought there for a second that Dorthy's house might get taken by the storms again, but it all settled down and we saw some spectacular evening skies. Colts Cadets: As always, they entertained. The enthusiasm was strong from the start as their fire and ice theme played out in a fairly clear way. The pacing was spot on and there is clearly some talent in all sections. Genesis: I was not sure I would buy into the Phantom Revisted theme, b