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  1. BD got HOSED in 1990. "Tommy" was ahead of its time. Then, BD went on to be all amorphous for a few seasons, until Jay and Scott reset the way Drum Corps was programmed in 1994...and won the whole #### thing, and changed the way programming would be done for years to come. The idea of staging the guard as the visual focal point had never been done. They masterfully executed it. That ("Tommy") is still an amazing show.
  2. Look at BD's achievement captions. They are still low at this point of the season, and in some instances, are three to fourth tenths below their design. Historically, they have shown their ability to clean their production. As soon as that happens (and, believe me, it absolutely will), Bluecoats are on the losing end of that equation. Bank on it.
  3. Agreed. The amps are too prominent in the show. Let me clarify my "watered down" comment: We have seen all of this before, and and they are bringing nothing new to The Beatles oeuvre. This music is a known commodity, and the arrangements aren't anything out of the ordinary. Visually, they borrow from winter guards past; the black-and-white flags are almost exact copies of Fantasia's from their show "It Was Twenty Years Ago Today", and the throwing up of the "peace" sign continuously is Northern Lights "Meditation: In Memory of John Lennon". Is the horn line great? Absolutely. Can i
  4. One year. Their watered down Beatles show is not going to win (and The Beatles are my favorite rock band of all time, and I really enjoy this show). Like I said before, this show looks maxed out, and we are only in July. There is not really any other place to take it. Such is the Bluecoats design team.
  5. From my perspective, BD has a complete show that has yet to be realized fully (which they always do in the end, so I am looking forward to that). SCV has too many things that work against what they are trying to achieve. I have been a HUGE Michael Gaines design fan for over two decades, but his design this year is missing the "oomph" that existed in his Cavaliers/POC/Escapade days. Even last year was a brilliant design, and deserved to be rewarded. BD has a theme, expands on it over the course of the show, is screaming from a brass standpoint, has another stellar Scott Chandler designed
  6. Bloo has a ceiling to this year's show. I don't see where else it can grow/expand/evolve in the next month. SCV has too many obstacles to overcome. BD wins again.
  7. ...and, I am not sure why it is so close.
  8. The uniforms are terrible. They are completely lost, from a visual perspective, the minute they enter the field. I would love to see what a difference it would make if they performed this show in their traditional red and green. "Best SCV Horn line EVER"?!? No. Playing at blastissimo for the entire show doth not a great horn line make, especially when they have the mics as hot as s#$%. For those of you here old enough to remember, think back to when SCV's horn line was known for their warmth and subtlety. I get that their drum line is stellar, but too much of the show revolves arou
  9. Or Digger's Diner at Willow Pass and Farm Bureau... We used to hit the Wendy's in Pacheco during lunch/dinner break. Drive to it quickly by leaving Mars and going past Buchanan Airport and the trailer park .
  10. How many of you were directly affected by this alleged situation? How many of you were victims of this alleged situation? How many of you have a "dog in this fight"? If your answer is, "not me", then just stop. None of us know the details of the situation. All of the allegations could very well be true, and then, at that point, the law compels folks to act accordingly (but let us be clear...that does not make "the law" correct). At that point, maybe folks will feel like justice has been served. Until then, stop with the piling on. And, just so we are clear, this post is fr
  11. Same year (if it was '94) that BD's guard was outfitted in Victoria's Secret silk bras.
  12. Hell, yes. What a beautiful book. I could listen to that trumpet break on a loop everyday, all day, for the rest of my life and never get sick of it. Same for the ballad. As much as II loved last year's ballad, they freaking NAILED it this year.