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  1. OK, of course I say Danny Boy, but isn’t there any love for 74 Scouts’ Ballet in Brass? Or Brian’s Song?
  2. Once upon a time, MM’s performance at a specific show could make a huge difference in outcomes, even surpassing the design’s impact. For example, 1979 Troopers at DCI Prelims.
  3. Are you saying it’s a long and winding road for the Bluecoats?
  4. Since I can interpret that a couple of different ways, I choose that to mean a second championship, of which I am in favor. The other interpretation, not so much.
  5. Got mine yesterday, and have already watched the top six!
  6. Dad wanted a trumpet player ... what kind of compromise is being a barri? Mello ... that’s a fair compromise.
  7. Holding off on announcing their show hasn't seemed to have hurt them at all.
  8. I believe ‘87 was the crown jewel of the 80’s.
  9. I agree. The last thread hashed the point all the way to oblivion. Can we move on? Most of us would like to keep the Madison Scouts 2020 thread open
  10. I agree. I think top 14 is a good goal for 2020.
  11. That sounds to me like the good old days of drum corps! Only it was the members who settled things in the lots.
  12. Or, sadly, it is probably the case in recent years that Madison has become a feeder corps for the top nine.