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  1. Khaki shirt ... khaki pants ... accessories. I loved 27th uniforms from back in the day.
  2. No flames from me. I’m kind of a march and let march kind of guy. I like all styles of movement.
  3. The only change I would make is move No. 8, “As Dreams Are Made On” to No. 6, displacing “Through A Glass Darkly” to No. 7. But really, a great decade of shows!
  4. I tend to agree. I still think the visual program needs the most work and wish Will Pitts would stick to arranging and relinquish his show coordinating duties, though I don’t have a good candidate for that position.
  5. That One Second for me as well. I always lost it when the corps flipped the scrim with the horn arc on it.
  6. “Where the Heart Is” was an amazing feel good show. This is my favorite Blue Stars show of the past decade. I always thought the next BS show should have been the “Break Up” show, where the couple fought for possession of the house and the old school BS uniform.
  7. Well, you know the old saying, “One person’s trash is another person’s treasure.”
  8. I picked Madison Scouts, “New York Morning” ... I am still upset “Empire State of Mind” was a sync right casualty on the BluRays.
  9. Good thing Anna the “Possessed by Performance” Pit Girl doesn’t have the Witch Fire to push you into! 😂
  10. No, US Open was to be held in Marion, but was rained out. In ‘84 US Open was reduced to a one day show.
  11. I predict that Cavies will catch Crown. Just not in 2019.
  12. Are any corps in the top 12 looking for financing of their debt among other corps? And if so, are they opening their books to qualify for loans?
  13. Bluecoats were selling some pretty sweet varsity style jackets for $84. I passed partly because it might have been mistaken for a member jacket (even though they look completely different). Also, $84.