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  1. Yup. Roman (snitches get stitches) Blenski was a big supporter of it.
  2. We have a street piano for our patio, and right now my wife is playing Ice Castles. I feel transported to ‘80 Madison. Darnit. Now she is playing Brian’s Song.
  3. De La Salle Oakland’s in 74 Oakland Crusaders in 75-76 Seneca Optimists in 76-77
  4. We’re waiting for test results. But otherwise, she seems fine ... confused, but otherwise OK.
  5. Also, not to be alarmist, but if Kevin Bacon gets the virus, we’re all screwed. (from Facebook)
  6. Here’s a quick update on my step-father: He is doing well so far and is being weaned off oxygen. Thank you for all your prayers!
  7. They haven’t had any outside contact other than staff for over a week.
  8. My 91 yo step-father tested positive for Covid19. He is in the hospital. He lives with my 96 yo mother in an assisted living facility. She has not been tested yet and doesn’t really understand what is going on. They have not left their apartment since a week ago yesterday.
  9. I got a beer of the month club for six months from my sister and a fifth of Irish Whiskey from my son. Do you think they know me at all? 😂
  10. They entertained the hell out of me last year, AND I wish they would have nabbed a silver!😂
  11. First: Wyandotte, MI Last: Legion Field, Birmingham, AL Best: Mile High, Denver, CO Worst: Cooper Field, Columbus, OH (Although there are lots of candidates)
  12. Those are stupid rules. It counts as a three-peat if it occurs in three competitive years.
  13. I can think of a certain corps from Canton that would like a say in the matter! 🤗 ✌️
  14. I certainly hope it is held down to that. Still, it is a sobering number.