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  1. 4 hours ago, njthundrrd said:

    OKAY DRUM CORPS PEOPLE... Let's play!
    First stadium you performed in: _________
    Last stadium you performed in: _________
    Best stadium you performed in: _________
    Worst stadium you performed in: ________

    First: Wyandotte, MI

    Last: Legion Field, Birmingham, AL

    Best: Mile High, Denver, CO

    Worst: Cooper Field, Columbus, OH (Although there are lots of candidates)

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  2. 14 minutes ago, Fred Windish said:

    Very much agree.  Although themes of the shows will be leaked. Including, of course “Fake News” leaks.

    Pointless to spend even more money than necessary. Although, if the plan is to march 175-200 members  next year, several will need to be paid to adjust everything upward.

    But I honestly doubt that membership will be expanded upwards. Even the most financially stable corps can’t afford that luxury right now. 

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  3. 1 hour ago, MelloNell said:

    So, any chance corps would be willing to share this years canceled show concepts?

    Not a snowball’s chance in hell. The 2020 concepts are going to be 2021’s show concepts. These concepts are already (mostly) paid for. Why waste that investment? I think the 2020 concepts will be clean AF by June 2021. (For the corps that survive.)

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  4. 1 minute ago, Weaklefthand4ever said:

    We're at day 6 now awaiting test results of our 4 to 5 day turnaround. We we're told that the "hope" is that results come in tomorrow so we know what direction we need to go. Britts' mom is immune compromised and is at the house quite a bit so we are pretty anxious. 

    On another note....6 days together literally 24/7 has shockingly only resulted in one argument!! I spent quite a bit of time in the shop today though lol.

    (But that argument is now in day 3).


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  5. 1 minute ago, PepsiTwist said:

    Since this news is literally hot off the press as of this reply, do we know if there's a plan in place for how to handle this next year? Do they only allow age-outs who were already contracted to march in 2020? What if 100+ 22/23 year olds show up to audition for a corps next year? Is that fair for everyone involved? What if they were a bubble age-out or an age-out who was cut but close to a position and had an extra 9 months to practice/get better?  🤔 

    Etc. You know where this is going.

    Forgive the 20 questions. This is my brain on 2 weeks of isolation with my family and I don't even know what day it is. 😅

    It’s the day the music died ... at least for 2020.

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  6. 9 minutes ago, Weaklefthand4ever said:

    I actually want to learn to build furniture one day. I have all the stuff except a planer but I don't have room lol. 2 metal lathes (though very light framed and specialized,) band saws, cnc, milling machine, drill press etc etc etc...the shop is just too small. 

    Since it’s your money and not mine, why not get a bigger shop?

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