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  1. That is really where the rubber meets the road. I think it will work just fine.
  2. I was at ensemble rehearsal tonight and they had their first complete run through with the complete corps. All I can say is wow. This is an extremely cool show, especially visually in my opinion. THAT'S RIGHT, I SAID VISUALLY. They are taking some serious staging risks, and I for one think they will pay off, big time. I would not expect a 20 page master degree dissertation about how this flag toss represents the proletariate in post revolutionary France, or this look from the drum major means Dante doesn't translate well into English. My advice -- just take the show at face value, and simply experience it. The show is cohesive, with a bat #### crazy design and simply rocks. I have never seen anything like it. I was withholding judgement about how the corps would place this year until I saw a completed show, but now I can say, with a good degree of confidence, this show is a contender. I can also say, that I have seen the show evolve, and every time I see it, something I thought was a lock for the first show has been revised, always for the better, often several times. I would not be surprised if what I saw tonight wasn't changed two or three times by Thursday. It has been a crazy design process, and I am simply in awe. And as of now ... there is zero cheese.
  3. I caught some rehearsals in Indy and wondered where the techs were ... If this is the wrong context, I apologize.
  4. I observed the exact same thing when I went to a couple of rehearsals the last couple of years. I am glad the techs are more involved this year.
  5. Wrong corps ... Blue Devils are the ones doing Shakespeare this year.
  6. My tentative drum corps itinerary: June 23 DCI Tour Premiere at the Cinema June 25 Massilon, OH June 27 Hamilton, OH June 28 Dublin, OH August 8 Massilon, OH August 11-13 Finals Week
  7. This Is great news! One of my chief complaints about BAC from the last two years was that the feet were ugly. I can't wait to see them!
  8. I am really looking forward to this show ... the body movement and expression displayed in this little clip communicates so much already, and really rips at your heart. I can't wait to see the finished product.
  9. Well, it was nice while it lasted. I am glad I got a sneak peek, and it looks pretty good for mid-June. I also wish the camera angle was better, but beggars and choosers, you know. I am looking forward to seeing how this cleans-up, but so far, so good!
  10. I was at ensemble rehearsal again last night. A week ago, I mentioned that they had about seven minutes on the field; the first four minutes were fleshed out but the next three were pretty much a skeleton. This week, those three minutes, the ballad (Great Big Gig in the Sky) has been fleshed out nicely, the first four minutes of the show that had already been fleshed out now has clothes on top of the flesh (following the same metaphor) and they are working on the closer. In it, they were working on getting the brass and battery set before adding guard work to it. It is kind of funny (to me at least) that they were using the sabers like the old "stick" girls of 1970's First Federal Blue Stars to help with the sets (old timers should know what I mean). Something that I find interesting is the methodology that the staff is using to put the show together. It is much more staging oriented than even last year's show, and so a lot of experimentation goes on. The visual staff will try out various looks for various segments of the show, play with them, and ultimately settle on what fits best. They are also experimenting with sampling, but again, I would say the sampling is more complementary to the ensemble, not over powering, at least so far. Your opinion, of course may be different.
  11. Well, I wouldn't say my reports are "raves." I would just say they are my impressions of how things are shaping up. But you are right, there is no announced theme yet. Personally, I am OK with that. I am enjoying what I am seeing prima facie, but am not deluded into thinking everything is June 23 ready. They are working on it, and being deliberate about it, but there is enough there for me to be more than cautiously optimistic.
  12. I am certainly in this camp. I think I am most excited to see someone I am not expecting to thrill me come out with something unexpected. I remember in 2008 I heard Phantom Regiment was doing a Spartacus show, and I thought, "Ugh. They are trotting out that tired old pony again." But was I shocked to see that tired old pony was in reality a thoroughbred. Ever since then, I have set aside my knee jerk reaction to a show announcement to keep an open mind. Every year there is a show I didn't expect to be anything special knock me over the head and make a fan out of me.
  13. Of course he didn't mean us ... we wouldn't tell anyone!
  14. One additional thought that came to me when I should have been thinking of other stuff is: Bloo is utilizing a lot more soloist / small ensemble work this year, and they definitely have the horses to pull it off.
  15. And apparently both SCV and Crossmen are are using it as their source material / inspiration.
  16. Oh, I am sorry! I didn't even see you. I would have liked to have given you my greetings!
  17. Thanks for filling us in on the percussion. Great report! Like I said before, I am drum dumb.
  18. I don't know about Stu, but my unicorn has been munching on my rainbow lately.
  19. I agree, Kinetic Noise was not Tilt 2, but there are those who thought otherwise. This year's show is a further departure from Tilt, and Kinetic Noise for that matter, hence my comment about Tilt 3.
  20. Bluecoats had their concert for the city of Granville last night in Denison's Fine Arts Quad. This year they pulled their mothership soundboard and a couple of their speakers down to the quad, so there was some electronics as opposed to last year when there was none. They played most of the show music, but not the end of Todo Tiende (they are still working/adding onto it). In a nutshell, it was a great concert. The horn line sounds fantastic to me for early June. In particular, they have a great trumpet line that has 3 or 4 legit screamers. In Todo Tiende, they featured three of them playing, in unison, what I am guessing will ultimately be a solo for one of them. The "solo" was all above high C and though the intonation was a little off with the three of them playing it, all three nailed it. It is a nice luxury when you can pick any of three screamers for a solo and not have to worry. If I counted correctly, there are 80 in the horn line--24 trumpets, 16 mellos, 24 baris / euphoniums / trombones, and 16 tubas. As I mentioned in the Cadets thread, electronics seem to me to be more a backdrop to the show this year--less in your face--and the show has an old school, but old school reimagined vibe to it--certainly not Tilt 3. Having been to this same concert last year, I can safely say the corps is ahead of where they were last year, and also that there is much more content in the horn book than last year. The battery sounds great to me, but I am definitely not a drum guy, so I can't critically tell you how they stack-up as to how they were this time last year, or to other lines.