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  1. I am happy they are doing well too. I love the renewed swagger. Great job tonight, Cavies!
  2. They did, and it was a great show. Also kudos to Blue Stars and the emotion packed show of the Troopers!
  3. Until we see all top corps in one show, it is impossible to predict who will medal.Sorry, I didn't mean to quote myself, I meant to reply to Lance.
  4. They spent a lot of time cleaning that low brass on Saturday, but didn't change it at that time.
  5. Hey, given what my current favorite corps is wearing, I am not going to ##### about what anyone is wearing #bloocostumes
  6. In Spring Training, the props were not used when it rained for safety reasons
  7. The term you are looking for I think is jazz running, but I know what you mean.
  8. I have mentioned this before, but don't worry about the show growing stale. The design team has planned from the very beginning additions / changes as the season progresses.
  9. This really is a delightfully we'll run show.BTW, thumbs up on the mobile tickets!