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  1. It’s kind of funny ... I was driving a good chunk of the day to come to Indy ... I read everything up to some page in the 40’s ... the discussion centered on A&E. I came back and said to myself, let’s just go to the end, and lo and behold, I jump into a discussion about the tic system. What a weird world we live in!
  2. Funny thing .. I had dinner at St. Elmo’s, too!
  3. Section 141, last row, seats 5-6 for us!
  4. The thunderous goo diatribe. Nope, we are talking deeper equalization, IMO.
  5. I don’t believe the issue is pitch shifting or volume ... it is equalization and balance. Best over the very good.
  6. Even more than this. We are talking edging the the top performers of an elite ensemble to be emphasized by amplification. So the best of an an already elite ensemble is always a smidge more audible and clarified over the rest.
  7. I think what we are discussing goes way beyond dynamics.
  8. Except we aren’t talking about goo. We are talking about the top performers being miced to enhance the ensemble balance.
  9. I am postulating it is secretive because other than here and now we really haven’t addressed the nuts and bolts of how the integration of sound mixing and performance technique have intermixed. It is happening but even we, dare I say the best informed fans in the activity, have not been this frank and rational in our discussions. What we are discussing has been tossed about in rants, but now we are trying to drill down to what is happening by the best practices of top corps. And it is a bit jarring even if it is the right direction. So please allow some of us latitude in processing the information as it is unfolding.
  10. And I agree ... but in any case, I would appreciate it if every corps would be up front about this. The cloak of secrecy makes it seem a bit sinister.
  11. And the DM for Coats definitely doesn’t have an in ear monitor.
  12. As far as that goes, the future is now. Several people pay attention to who the sound person is.
  13. But the ear pieces are for listening to a spread ensemble ... they are not for used to broadcast a metronome.
  14. I am happy to have given you a good laugh today!
  15. Thank you for your thoughtful response. But yes, I have access to closed rehearsals. You are right, I don’t know what is being communicated via phone or head set to the mixing board but I am still confident that there is no God squad ala SCV 2017 in Bloo. I will inquire about the bari mic.
  16. I can state with 100% confidence that there is not a select group in the Bloo ensemble that is miced to enhance the ensemble sound. There are soloists who are miced for their solos but their mics are off when they are not featured. But by all means believe what you want.
  17. How about you speak plainly about what you know and present some evidence?
  18. Yes, that word was from DCI during or after the Januals. The focus was on doing soundscapes right and not doing a hatchet job like we have seen from several corps in recent years.