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  1. I won’t speak for Kevin, but that is the energy I felt tonight (I was also at the Massillon show in 2016). And the crowd tonight was huge (10,000+?)
  2. Now that is how you own an audience. Booooooooooo!
  3. Thank you so much for your enlightening commentary! I feel smarter just being in the same thread as you!
  4. Section 141, last row, seats 5-6, right by the staff pen.
  5. No, they will be behind me ... oh wait, the staff pen is behind me. And they all talk about Mr. Clover! 😂
  6. Before Crown 2016 ... “We love you Helen Hess!”
  7. Then it becomes, “Who has the most 2nd place captions?”
  8. Does this make anyone else think of Mr. Hankey the Christmas poo?