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  1. not so much.. But it does have on of the best architecture programs in the country.
  2. you and I have a different definition for musicianship. drill has nothing to do with it in my definition. Aside, SCVs drill is extremely good and beautifully performed, but BDs drill is more sophisticated. CCs drill is still high school de jour to me. And while BDs and SCVs drills are different neither look like a high school band director did them.
  3. I'm sure the CC gaggle will spit poison spears at me but BDs are infinitely better musicians and they can play a bunch of fast notes too. And let's face it, BDs writers are in a realm all their own.
  4. While I think BDs are better musically I wish there would be a tie between them and SCV.
  5. beauituful guard work and boy do they do union flag work perfectly.
  6. i much prefer beefy gritty brass over pretty brass. And JD Shaw wrote one helluva book this year.