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  1. On Saturday I'll be in section 536, Row 2, seats 21 and 22. Decided about a week and a half ago to make this happen. I think our seats are about on the 3 yard line but I don't care. Was thankful to find seats not in the end zone! My name is Lori. And by some, I'd be considered elderly. 😉
  2. Can you imagine how much fun VK would have with electronics today?!
  3. Was just commenting on that yesterday to one of my former students, who's passion is to march Crown someday.
  4. Had thought about coming down for this show but too many obstacles got in the way. I will watch through any of you that are there! Thanks for the pictures and any upcoming commentary! On a side note, just last week a good friend and I decided at the last minute to go to Indy on Saturday. Seats are on the far right on side 2 but I don't care, I'll be there seeing it live with my best dci buddy!
  5. Terri, have you been able to find where they are streaming it? I can't find it on their page. I only see links to watch the game and you have to sign up with a viewing program that claims it's free for 5 days but will have a recurring membership fee. When I tried to sign up, it sent me an email to confirm. I click on the link to sign in and I get 'Page not found' Grrrrrrrr....... Actually maybe I'm just impatient, imagine that. Seems they streamed other pregame events so I will trust that they will stream this as well. Hope I'm not charged for my 'free' 5 days haha.
  6. Will be watching for sure! I have a former student that went to the Band of Excellence camp the last two days and got to play with Bloo in the pregame concert. He told me he had lunch with the Blackbird soloist yesterday. He was thrilled to say the least!
  7. Their fast piece was the Rondo from Prelude, Sciciliano and Rondo by Malcolm Arnold. Legit wind band piece.
  8. I'm not sure but one reason for the slow roll out might be because they are getting all the guard back into the same uniform first? I LOVE that some of the guard is in the same uniform as the hornline at the beginning!
  9. Makes me wish I could go to Indy this year just to see Jersey Surf live! Well that and all the other amazing shows this year...