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  1. I can't wait to have Runzas again! I grew up in Nebraska but have lived in Michigan the last 18 years. Moving back to the plains states as soon as I get my house in MI sold.
  2. I got to go to their rehearsal the day before the premier. Took a student of mine with me; he went to the fall camp last year and got a call back, he will be marching there one day. Anyway, the Coats volunteer that got us into the rehearsal revealed nothing about the show other to say that I would probably know it in the first three chords, then changed it to the first chord. Yes, I recognized it as a Beatles show in that first chord. My student didn't know it was a Beatles show until they got to Come Together. Sad. Just sad.
  3. Me too. And now I get to sit right beside him. Maybe my elbow will slip.
  4. I have a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes. I'm not even remotely associated with The Cadets but I am proud of them and admire them like crazy. Waiting for the Z!!!
  5. Same! One of my co-workers wants to do some of his music with our high school band. I'm holding out.
  6. I'll get there Friday this year. Bringing my nephew who graduated from high school this past spring. He's a percussionist but his high school band did not march. This will be his first live drum corps experience.
  7. So far, it seems the first three corps had better performances than last night. Cadets were amazing considering all those out and probably many marching that aren't 100% healthy!
  8. Have to admit, I was browsing posts here...until that ballad started. It has a way of grabbing your attention and not letting go!
  9. I've been having more issues with Flo today than ever. But I think it's on my end. Powered down, started back up and it seems to be better. Crossing my fingers that it lasts. Good luck to you!
  10. This is what I tried to reply on Terri's post.
  11. New life goal....get to the San Antonio show. Preferably while I have students marching but that's not a requirement.
  12. Speaking of Phantom Regiment, anyone know how their run went tonight? Former student (almost like a son) marching with them. And yes, Crossmen are really performing well this year!
  13. Thanks for all you do for us that can't get there. Enjoy the rest of the evening!
  14. Geez I would have sent him an aux battery if he could have scoped PR and the rest of the corps.