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  1. Congratulations to Travis Larson on becoming caption head of Blue Stars Brass.
  2. Would 2016 Bloo beat 2014 BD ???? I can’t decide my favorite.
  3. Blue Devils- The Beat my Heart skipped. For music alone, I have not seen the show, but I love the music.
  4. The Colts - Dark Side of the Rainbow. The mic didn't work for much of the show at pre-lims, but the Scarecrow still brought it, and the exit off the yellow brick road was magic !
  5. Thanks to the Bluecoats.................... Promise, An American Portrait is my favorite Bronze medal performance.
  6. 10 is a 10 is a ten is X is a a a 3+7 is a 2+8 is a 1+9 = 10 and you cant get any better than 10, just ask Nadia Komonich......... which is who The Power of TEN was all about, not many people even Know that.
  7. Seriously Only Show Stands Out Superior, So ..................ssssssssssssssss SOS
  8. To all the age outs that marched Corps that were not finalist, I would just like to say thank you !! Their were so many 13th + Corps that I enjoyed this year, and your commitment to these Corps allowed for so many in this activity to march finals in the future, because of the experience they gained marching with the likes of you.
  9. Wow, that speaks loads for their surge at the end of the season, good seasoning is important on steaks and Drum Corp !!
  10. Me too, I’ve loved their sound for the last five years, I hope they continue with that quality.
  11. What’s interesting for me is while 7th place shows have impressed the adjucaters, they are less memorable than the 8th - 12th place performances to me.
  12. The last two years PC has improved leaps and bounds, this year was incredible , can’t wait for next year.