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  1. two years ago I did the trip, last minute, set up a room for one night at red roof in, apparently one of the CORPS stayed there the night before, I think they had some kind of rookie initiation in the room, there was something on the floor that I could only imagine was something disgusting, went to the front with my complaint, got no satisfaction, so I left, and they still charged me. Spent the night across the street from Lucas on finals night, hanging out with a bunch of corps alum. in a bar, had a great time, spent the night in my car.
  2. Goose The Market calls mine, a couple miles away but well worth the drive.
  3. maybe a weird al yankovich version, did he ever do west side story ?
  4. maybe there is a Jose Felisiano version they can get the rights to.
  5. once again its been 9 years since they have done West Side Story !?
  6. up front cost, but the reuse-ability may offset that, pixels vs brush strokes. I don't see it as a game changer. At the high school level, I would like to see the props done by the students, no matter what the media or construction. PROP class 101.
  7. I believe "TILT" was created this way at BlueCoats.
  8. My first visit to finals, we were there to support Spirit of Atlanta, and loved Sin City, but that Cadet show was just magic. Prelims, semi's and finals.
  9. The TROOPERS opener and entrance were some of my favorite moments on Friday.
  10. 1. BOSTON Finals 2. BOSTON Semi 3. BOSTON Prelim 4. CADETS Semi 5. SPIRIT Semi 6. TROOPERS Semi