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  1. Can’t wait to go! Never been to a show so early in the season, other than when I marched. I’m mostly excited to see if SCV can maintain the top spot opening up from last year. It’s always hard for a corps to do this that isn’t BD 😬 My Prediction: 1st - SCV: GE and percussion will be on top. 2nd - BD: Brass and guard will be on point. 3rd - Cavies: Best show concept since 2016’s “Propaganda”. 4th - Mandarins: Another strong, potential top 12 show. 5th - Academy: Showing improvement from last season out the gate. 6th - Troopers 7th- SCVC 8th- BDB
  2. I see where you're coming from, this may be true, but in my experience there is not much if any choreography that compares to playing sustained phrases and marching a 4 to 5.
  3. Because they are still doing well in all captions. Even weak visual for BD is relatively strong.
  4. Looking forward to my first show since marching last season. Flying back to Houston tonight. I can't wait!
  5. 1st: SCV - All they need to do is clean, clean, clean and I truly believe they will get the gold! 2nd: BD - Easily weakest visual content I've seen from BD in recent years. 3rd: Crown - With solid brass and improved percussion, this corps can do incredible things even with a mediocre design. 4th: Bluecoats - Tilt 4.0. Well rounded corps. I just believe crown performs better with what they have. 5th: Cavies - Another solid and fun show from the green machine. 6th: BAC - Wow, such an improvement, they really sound more like the Cadets than the cadets themselves this year
  6. AMC 24 First Colony, Sugar Land, Texas. Going with my band!
  7. How it will be: 1st- Blue Devils 2nd- Carolina Crown 3rd- Cadets 4th- Bluecoats 5th- Santa Clara Vanguard 6th- Blue Knights 7th- Cavaliers 8th- Phantom Regiment 9th- Madison Scouts 10th- Boston Crusaders 11th- Blue Stars 12th- Crossmen How I want it to be (quite possible too): 1st- Carolina Crown 2nd- Cadets 3rd- Blue Devils 4th- Bluecoats 5th- Santa Clara Vanguard 6th- Blue Knights 7th- Cavaliers 8th- Phantom Regiment 9th- Madison Scouts 10th- Blue Stars 11th- Boston Crusaders 12th- Colts
  8. im betting the pants are black. Just because they are not gonna have cream pants doesn't mean they will be neon.
  9. Hop said they were getting new shoes so I'd bet the pants are not going to be cream.
  10. Does anybody think that Crown still has a trick up their sleeve design wise, or are they just gonna clean until finals?
  11. DM me if you want to know the exact details, holy cow, I had no idea this would happen, but it all makes sense now.