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  1. Blue Knights Visual https://ascendperformingarts.org/bk-announce-visual-leadership-2020/
  2. After many emails sent to FloSports, they have issued me a free month of service because of the issues experienced on Saturday.
  3. I was using the FloSports app on Apple TV the day of finals. There were issues from the very beginning including during The Commandants Own performance. When I complained on Twitter, (I started complaining via social media from the beginning) I received a reply from a “code slinger extraordinaire at FloSports” that the issue was with the TV apps and to use the web browser stream instead. He then subsequently deleted the reply for some unknown reason.
  4. We sat in 337 last year and I never get cold. I ended up buying a hoodie.
  5. Just noticed his son was 2nd in snare at the Performers Showcase.
  6. I’m sure it’s been said but thank you @kevingamin for your coverage and pics!
  7. Corps on the field a lot quicker tonight. Coming in from four corners.
  8. Now the rep from Flo has deleted his tweet response to me 🤷‍♂️
  9. Got a response on twitter finally: TV Apps experiencing issues. Please use web player until we resolve this. Thank you for reporting.
  10. Well Flo finally responded about the now non existent “on the field” graphic. Just four hours later 😂