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  1. Legally, you are correct. Practically... oh yeah it is. I went to high school with three women girls who initiated sexual relationships with teachers. They weren't groomed. Two were trading sex for grades and the other just dug older guys. I had a 15 year old classmate with a 24 year old Marine boyfriend... among the 14 guys she had been dating sleeping with. These girls weren't victims of grooming behavior... believe me, no one had a chance of taking advantage of them. They were just raised with too much money and too much freedom.
  2. Tell me about it! I was working for BlueLinx (biggest building materials wholesaler in the US) from 2005 to 2012. We starting feeling the effects of the housing crash in 2006. By 2008 were in the middle of a full fledged meltdown.
  3. https://www.wsbtv.com/news/local/cobb-county/former-christian-school-band-teacher-sentenced-sexual-relationship-with-student/6554TDTO7FEGZCN7EG5V44XZJM/ This case highlights that rule. As I understand it, the girl was a 14 year old sophomore when the relationship started, and she was a willing participant, never cooperating with the investigation.
  4. It might not still be the case, but in the metro Atlanta area for about 10-15 years, all it took to buy a home was 1%-2% down. In some cases I read, they rolled the 2% downpayment into the loan and so all the buyers paid for were closing costs.
  5. Well, no. But you'd better believe my kids will know how to invest money!
  6. You mean like SCV in 2018? or 1992? Yeah, I'm there too. But then you also have SOA in '87. Those screamers were completely necessary and part of the appeal of the song. BD and Madison have always had screamers, but they were very deftly integrated into the chart, not added for effect. Besides, screaming on a Bb trumpet is NOT the same as screaming on a G bugle. 🤯
  7. That wouldn't be the immortal Sandra Opie, would it?
  8. My father-in-law's retirement portfolio has averaged better than 15% over the course of 40 years (closer to 20% actually.) It can be done with effort and the right analysis tools. 🤑
  9. Great observation about Cadets in '16. That show was a hot mess that got major changes every other week all through the season. They never had a chance to show what they could do. I understand your viewpoint on it being subjective. However, when I think of great BD horn lines, I start with the 1979-1981 units that never lost a brass SUBCAPTION in 3 years, and played some incredibly memorable music. I guess I lost track that the time interval mentioned was the 2010's.
  10. 18 year old invests $5k and gets a 15% annual return. That's a 5% downpayment on a $400k house at age 28. Now that I look at that, that's a lousy investment. Better to go to Vegas for a weekend!
  11. 🤨 *looks at recap sheets* 3rd in music GE, 3rd in brass, 2nd in ensemble Honestly, looking at the recaps, 2011-2013 were subpar years for BD from a brass perspective. From 1975 to 2014: 15 times the best horn line, 37 times in the top 3, finished outside the top 3 in brass only 3 times ('87, '95, '05). BD has the ultimate high standards when it comes to horns.
  12. If I had a kid considering marching, these two would make me have to say "No". That $5k would be a downpayment on a house by the time they were ready to buy, and... well, unless they're allowed to carry a taser with them the entire time they're with the corps, that's another reason they're not going.
  13. Just can't get into NY style pizza. 1/8" of crust, a tablespoon of sauce, 1/2 cup of cheese... and then the toppings fall off. I fall somewhere in-between deep dish and thin, but I want plenty of sauce, double cheese, and toppings buried in the cheese! 🍕🤗
  14. My HS band had a habit of sleepwalking through the first 6 weeks of the season, until the festival we hosted in early October. My freshman year our brand new, right out of JSU and the Blue Devils 22 year old assistant director lost his mind at our run through Saturday morning. He told us we were going to embarrass ourselves that night in front of 22 visiting bands. Our show that night was probably 8 points better than our run through. He couldn't understand. The seniors told him "It doesn't really matter until we march out under the lights in front of all those other bands. Now... it's on."
  15. My $0.02 worth... Given this is a restart situation for a lot of people (everyone except Boston maybe), I would say the most important thing for anyone trying to win this year would be a stable organization that is doing a minimum of scrambling for $$$, housing, food, etc... That would mean these are your contenders: Blue Devils Vanguard Bluecoats Boston Crown
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