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  1. You had a contest halted because the stadium wouldn't allow props on the field, which resulted in the remaining units being unable to march their shows. So now it doesn't matter how many great MM's we have, if we can't roll out the off-Broadway stage equipment, we don't have a show. You won't see me again. I'm just here to put flowers on the grave. Bye.
  2. Jim Ott would string you up by your hackey sack for accusing the '78-'80 SOA horn lines of not being #### near perfect in clarity and balance. Those horn lines worked hundreds of hours just to achieve that sound. If you gave Jim the sound equipment that Bloo has today, he would put a horn line out there that would make the rest of World Class quit playing at all. And before anyone says anything, I quit DCI almost a year ago.. yes. And I tuned in this week to see how many of my doomsday predictions came true. Sadly, all of them. Peace out...
  3. Does anyone else find it interesting that during the '40's to the '60's, drum corps were mostly sponsored and led by local boy scouts, churches, or veterans groups? Then, starting in the '60's, it moved away from those sponsors? Maybe this crisis is the result of no longer centering the activity around leadership that put "good, wholesome values" in front of competitive desire. I know I've read histories where multiple corps started by local churches didn't care how well the group competed, they cared that the kids were kept off the street and out of trouble when they weren't in school. Once again, when money and winning become the most important thing, we sacrifice our souls and the future of our children for our short-sightedness.
  4. I'm just not entertained by 8 minutes of jazz dancing, body emoting, running instead of marching, all while playing the same 8 measures over and over at the same volume. That was at least half the shows I've seen in the last two years. I get that that's what today's kids want to do... I just don't call it drum and bugle corps. I call it "Summer Guard International." I will go to my grave stating that SCV 2016 was the last DCI show ever. Everything after that is SGI. Again, just my opinion, but I'm not the only one saying it.
  5. Point of fact: I have not paid to attend a sporting event since the MLB strike of '94. I can tolerate a lot if I am highly entertained, but the product DCI has put out over the last 2 years combined with all the nefarious behavior of leadership has just left me to the point that I don't see a reason for DCI to be in my life... and maybe anyone else's.
  6. Fixing what's broken requires removing everyone currently in charge. Same old good ole' boy network in place, same crap happening with nothing being done except punishing a young director for daring to say, publicly, "The Emperor has no clothes!"
  7. Not that I was planning to do anything other than follow SOA's attempt to rejoin the top 12, but given the current lack of any common sense being displayed by DCI, I am walking away after 38 years. If you plan to do likewise, and want your voice heard, start by adding your name here.
  8. Agreed. I'm amazed at how from 79-81 they didn't lose a single sub-caption, and those were some incredible horn lines they beat over those years.
  9. I've got a few minutes at work, so I'll post some Blue Devils info... talk about dominant. Through the first 32 years of DCI (even though BD wasn't around for the first two years) Devils placed in the top 3 horn lines 27 times. They were 7th in 1974, and 4th in 1987 and 1995. They had the top horn line 12 times... Cadets are a distant 2nd with five. Nine times a corps finished first in all horn placements... and BD did it four times, including three in a row from 1980-1982 (the other time was 2003). I'll get more posted tonight while I'm watching the CFP title game.
  10. I've been working on a personal project to track the best horn lines through the years, Finals only (if you can't do it Saturday night, it doesn't matter to me). I combine the placements for all brass captions and score them by lowest average placement. I've gotten from 1972 through 2003. If anyone is interested, I'll post some of the best stuff I've gleaned so far.
  11. According to national news agencies, the BSoA is considering filing for bankruptcy. It's already cost various dioceses of the Catholic Church tens of millions of dollars, and Google and Facebook have, according to news reports, paid millions of dollars in settlement money. DCI does not have millions of dollars to spend getting themselves or their member corps out of trouble.
  12. This attitude is why I can't stand DCI anymore. My local middle school can march in a 30 yard square and be world class at it. Winning a DCI title is supposed to be about near perfect execution of the most difficult, most entertaining design. If you had the design, but couldn't execute it, you lost points. If you perfectly executed a weak design, you lost points. Blue Devils started this in the mid 70's, Cadets took over in the '80's and Cavies in the 2000's. The difficulty was in the amount of marching, the speed, the precision of hitting forms, and the level of excellence of playing difficult (but enjoyable) music while doing it. Now it's about dancing and wiggling and emoting while barely marching and playing. It's pathetic. I gave up on drum corps last fall and only came back this spring after hearing Hoppy got outed. I feared what has been going on unspoken in virtually every organization for decades would be the downfall of the activity I used to cherish. Nope, that's not what's killed it. DCI killed itself by allowing failed Broadway choreographers to mutate the sport until it's unwatchable.
  13. Level of difficulty is part of music analysis. Always has been going back to 1972. For a few years there was a separate component of percussion just for level of difficulty. For instance, in 1980, 40% of the score for drums was Percussion Analysis and Degree of Excellence. 40% of the brass score was Music Analysis. That means 18% of the entire evaluation was what they were playing and how well. That was completely separate from field and ensemble scoring for both drums and brass. 1980 SCV placed 10th in field brass, 8th in brass ensemble and 8th combined. However, they were 3rd in music analysis, which raised their overall brass placement to 7th. Difficulty has always been part of judging.
  14. I'd much rather have another 3000 kids participating in old uniforms and horns than today's elitist, college-music-major-only, $3000 fee required, esoteric circle jerk that DCI has become. Since that is what DCI is and will continue to be, I'm done.
  15. Math lesson: 150-128= 22 22*40=880 80*40=3200 3200-440=2320 So, expanding the rosters from 128 to 150 bought you another 880 spots. Forcing 40 corps to fold/disband cost around 3200 spots, all female. Assuming half the new spots are filled by women, that's 440 new marchers replacing the 3200 that used to have a spot. That's hardly progress.
  16. Back in the early '70's, there were 40 of them. F O R T Y ! ! ! Now, there are barely 40 corps in World/Open class combined. Tell me again how making it cost over $1 million to tour isn't hurting the activity concerning participation...
  17. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nN0JaaVfljo&t=73s This is apparently the DCI produced multi-cam version of last night's performance by SCVAC.
  18. This, to me, is completely backwards. You measure the success of this season by the level of participation next year? That means every year's show is just a recruiting video for next year's corps. This is the classic marketing mistake: ignore your current customers to try and attract new ones. How about you give your current customers a truly great experience and let them help sell new customers on you?
  19. Again, who tells the judges what to reward? The directors of the groups being judged. I don't ever recall the owners of the dogs at the Westminster show telling the judges how to judge the dogs. It's a vicious circle: DCI is the member corps, they make the rules that they are then judged by. Until that cycle is broken, it is what it is.
  20. Float left OC in '78 for Spirit, teaming up with Jim Ott. Tom moved on to Devils in '82.
  21. Down here, a lot of people give Alabama football a great deal of begrudged respect. I think that's what BD is owed. You can hate them for their success, but until you can top them at their own game, you're just playing for 2nd.
  22. One total point in percussion, spread between 1978 and 1981, is all that kept BD from winning 7 straight titles between 1976 and 1982. They know what works on the sheets and they fill up those boxes. Somebody, in every competitive endeavour, has to be the standard, the leader, the favorite. Devils are it.
  23. How about they just rename DCI to what it is... SGI: Summer Guard International. Coming to an outdoor gym near you!