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  1. Thank you for the best review I have ever read on this site,I agree with almost every word.It was indeed a fantastic night for drum corps. I suffered the traffic, too and missed the first corps, parking in the next county. Don't understand why Pacific Crest doesn't score higher. It was the same story last year.SCV has a truly exceptional show deign. They might go all the way.Blue Knights are classy.Academy is a lot of fun. I have a problem with amping the entire ensemble the way Phantom and SCV does .Believe it pushes the envelope and raises the bar in a way that is not beneficial to the act
  2. I have followed this activity since the 60s and never in my fondest dreams did I envision the level of creativity and musical and visual excellence that is being achieved with today'a corps. We could be poised for a quntum leap in mainstream popularity. One thing I am sure of is that it is attracting more of America"s finest young people. They cause me to be very optimistic about the future. We owe a debt of gratitude to the may talented and dedicated music teachers who deserve a lot of the credit.
  3. Back in the day ,it was often said that the Cadets' uniform gave them an advantage over the competition. When I heard that a change was coming I had hoped it would be more radical and more in the direction of Blue Knihts design heeping the colors.
  4. I have been an observer of this facinating activity since the 60s(and 12 year volunteer for the Cadets) and having seen Gold three times here in SoCal, I can say with confidence that never has there been a finer 31st ranked corps in the history of the activity. This reflects the growth in size and quality of today's corps. The future looks bright,indeed. Could not believe the quality of the Vanguard Cadet program. To achieve their level with yoinger kids and less rehearsal than the big boys is remarkable . It is a testament to the skill and talent of the staff. They should easily make 19th or