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  1. DCIat14

    Boston Crusaders 2019

    If you all start talking to volleyballs we might need an intervention 😛
  2. DCIat14

    DCI survey

    I've started writing this comment so many times, only to delete it and move on. ...but I took the survey and question surrounding members being required to be 18+ really got to me. Now don't get me wrong, I completely and totally understand the reasoning behind this question and put the safety of members as top priority. However, I also had a member who started with DCI at 14 and marched a top 5 corps at 17. The lessons drum corps brought my MM is something that I think has helped set the stage for a lot of different situations in life and the ability to handle them. I am fully aware that each experience is different and my heart hurts for those who have been affected so negatively by the actions of others. That is in no way acceptable. For my own MM and many that I know, the activity brought them some of the best times in their young lives and some amazing friends who all had the same passion, attitude, and work ethic. It brought them the ability to try that one more time, even when they thought they had nothing left. It brought the ability to grow not only as a musician, but also as a person. It taught them that there sometimes we all need someone to lean on and sometimes we need to be there for others. It brought the feeling of connection with a generation so different than their own. An ability to connect with those 'outside their circle. There were obstacles, broken buses (they happen), a grueling schedule, conflicts (we are human after all), and a whole lot of sun...but there was also leadership, education, comradeship, adaptability, confidence, and ton of support. It has led me to volunteer and continually give back to our music programs. To encourage those kids who may need that extra bit of whatever. Drum Corps changed my MM and we are forever touched by those who have been instrumental in the journey. We aren't done (obviously), but I cannot imagine not having it been a part of our lives for the past 4 years. To all the instructors, staff, volunteers, alumni and members who are the positives of this activity & embody what Drum Corps should be about, Thank you!!
  3. Let's keep our fingers crossed - I worry they too are not immune.
  4. DCIat14

    2019 Show Ideas

    I put this on Academy! They are SO good at doing stuff the some would consider untouchable!
  5. DCIat14

    Staff Merry-Go-Round 2019

    That happened last year didn't it?!
  6. DCIat14

    Stealing other corps stuff...

    I thought corps played a "game" of acquiring stuff that wouldn't damage the integrity of the show and then leaving it on the field at finals. In fact, I believe it was Crown with a Bluecoats safety helmet... I don't condone stealing AT ALL, but is this just a tradition amongst corps? We must remember these kids live in a world where one mistake (or post) could haunt you over & over. Hazing used to be accepted & tolerated as did pranks. Now there are very few warnings or forgiveness. Just saying we should be careful not to throw the baby out with the bathwater...or throw stones from a glass house.
  7. DCIat14

    Boston Crusaders 2018

    Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for all you and the rest of the staff, volunteers, and alumni do for this organization! My MM had an experience that can't even be described in words. He was well taken care of by all of you and felt SO at home. This was his 4th year marching and arguably his best season yet! The comradarie and great attitude that exists starts at your level and seeps through every pore of the organization. Words are not simply enough. My MM was welcomed by the guard staff when he was trying to figure out this whole "dance" thing, despite not being in guard. The members feel that and know that you are not only investing in the corps, but investing in them as well. We are very proud to be a part of the Boston Crusaders family!
  8. DCIat14

    Pioneer Member Rant

    How many parents are new the activity and just don't know about it? Even those who have been exposed to Open Class may not have knowledge about the inner workings of World Class or have people they can ask. Then, of course, you have the ever present promise of change. Shoot --- some of their PR media early season even had me fooled! This is true in both lower-tier world class AND open class. Not only do they pay for everything outright, but they also don't typically have the support base behind them and cannot afford to pay staff as well as other corps. There are multiple ramifications that come from these placements and/or their budgets. Many of these corps are barely breaking even or are doing so with only a handful of admin staff. Not justifying any actions of course, but just an important factoid to keep in mind. Not all have it as easy as others.
  9. Wait...how do you get that?!
  10. DCIat14

    Boston Crusaders 2018

    Gino :D Love it!! ...such a trumpet player!
  11. DCIat14

    Post Tour Laundry Day

    Sounds like the same situation I am in. The socks HAD to go, but the corps shirts & namebrand stuff got a vinegar/febreeze soak (thank you to all who recommended that), a wash with sport detergent, and then a wash with standard detergent + some snuggle odor eliminator. All seems well now...except the load that had the rogue sock sneak in :D
  12. DCIat14

    Pioneer What Next?

    There is a huge disparity between corps that continually place in the lower tier and those that place in the upper tier. Having experienced the difference in these corps first hand, the amount of support the differentiates the two is astounding. Some of these corps are barely scraping and this has a tendency to show up in a variety of ways - from staffing, to support staff, to design, to props, to membership. With this experience, I can now understand why at one point, the corps were split between Div I, II, & III. Not sure if this directly relates to Pioneer or their issues, but something has to change to keep this corps moving forward.
  13. The tarp issue is a difficult one because while some tarps didn't work well due to tripping, Boston's tarp was utilized amazingly well!
  14. DCIat14

    Boston Crusaders 2019

    Oh yes, sorry! I was responding to Liahona but didn't quote him :D
  15. Is it possible to get that funk smell out or am I fighting a losing battle? My MM started laundry this morning and despite a double wash in hot water, that stench is just putrid! Anyone have any post tour laundry tips?