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  1. That was very well done!! It will be interesting to see how it all comes together - if anyone can pull off cone shaped metal trees, it's BAC!!
  2. It's not the staff that are the problem. Corps can have incredible staff and still be dysfunctional - the entire machine has to have all the cogs greased and running efficiently. This corps has struggled in this area for years. Until this gets fixed, it will continue to struggle. It's unfortunate, but true.
  3. Gee, I wonder who one of those members was 😛
  4. Thank you! Any idea what would be better - middle in the 600s or off to the side in the 300s??
  5. After 8 years of Drum Corps, this is my son's age-out year. We, of course, want to get the best seats and they are all "locked" on Ticketmaster. Can anyone offer some guidance on how to unlock those? Looking to switch levels. I've look at some of the corps sites, but wondering if the 3-packs are still available, etc. Thanks in advance!!
  6. Pretty much anything by Blue Knights in the recent past is a mindful journey.
  7. Can I hug you? #YouAreTheTrueWinner Every performer out there has worked their tail off to be out there - and faced some ridicule for doing so. This is a year packed with emotion & so meaningful for those who are able to march. Let's remember all those who are unable as well. Scores don't matter this year - the fact this activity is happening right now is amazing!!
  8. I find myself ignoring the boards most of the time - except when they aren't functioning properly. I think it's a good lesson for the manufacturer as to what Drum Corps can do to equipment - and this is a SHORT season!! The wear & tear is incredible! My concern for using them in the future would be the setup time. BAC, or any other corps for that matter, would most certainly have received a time penalty for the amount of time it takes to get this bad boys ready. Great in theory, but I know this corps is better than needing a distraction on the field. They are pure power this year, especially that horn-line!! BAC has what it takes - and the design staff is incredible. It just needs to happen at the right time. Next year could be it (which would be awesome), but it's that magic combination that just comes together at the right moment. I think the members are ready, I know the staff are ready, and the age-outs are 100% ready. Let's do this BAC! Let's B-the-C!!!!
  9. If only it were limited to being a systemic issue in the marching arts. It's a systemic issue in society as a whole! Teachers who can't keep their hands off children, abuse of olympic athletes from trusted professionals while other heads turned the other way, college sports, high school sports...it's prevalent almost everywhere and it's disgusting. Gone are the days of thinking this is a 'man-only' problem. Any gender can abuse & assault, just as any gender can turn a blind-eye. There becomes an awkward line between loyalty & complacency, ethics & integrity.
  10. This one hurt my heart when I found out. He was so kind!!
  11. According to sources, one of those plans to not be in our country for the a portion of 2021. So while they might not be doing DCI, they aren't sitting on their thumbs.
  12. Where-ever and whenever the alleged assault occurred. There is usually a runner van & it should be handled immediately.
  13. Here is how this should work - regardless of the corps (all tiers) 1) Any and all reports of sexual assault are turned over to the police to investigate. They are your independent 3rd party. If that inconveniences anyone...ensure it doesn't happen. 2) Background checks done on all staff & volunteers. I personally know of corps who are very lax on this policy, even after DCI's safety policies were implemented. Not okay. 3) All complaints are required to go to someone besides the Corps Director. Let's be clear, some want to sweet things under the rug. Not sure who, but a minimum of 3 people for all complaints. 4) A reporting policy that includes the complaint, the steps to review, & what, if any, corrective action taken. If for no other reason than for record keeping. I've heard more nightmare stories about starving kids, no laundry breaks, algae in water jugs, starving vegans, & withholding PB&J (who does that?!) than I care to hear. Yes, it is a problem when a bus driver takes off with a diabetics insulin & no one can get ahold of them. Yes, it is a problem with the Corp Director appoints their entire family to the board. At the end of the day, we are currently blessed to be a corps with amazing standards & stellar expectations of themselves & their members. However, every corps should expect accountability - for without it, this activity we love will simply disappear. This current generation demands better & they will not be quiet until they get it.
  14. Petitions are a way for the current generation to be heard. They are passionate & tired of people putting them down for their efforts to work hard. Drum Corps Members of today are incredibly hard working. What is asked of them both on and off the field is intense & requires skills that far exceed just an ability to play & move. These petitions were met with such blatant disrespect in some groups online that they were removed. Yet this is merely an intent by members to be heart, peacefully, & shows how much this activity means to them. Please stop putting them down for their dedication to the activity. ...and yes, many have already paid their dues in full, purchased airfare, & contributed many hours to these groups. Have you? You are incorrect. The age-out has been extended for those who would have aged out in 2020. However, this petition covers ALL currently contracted members as 2021 will see the largest age-out group and all currently contracted members will be impacted & have lost a year.
  15. Please, Alumni, Members, Parents, Staff, & Volunteers, should DCI make the call people are discussion, please take care of each other. I can tell you from personal experience that my member is already feeling devastated by the potential news. This is an activity that for so many is like an extended family. It is an activity that provides so much more than just 'something to do over the summer' and means so much more than just a score. While we may banter over which corps is better, what judge made an error, & what show design nailed it, we are all part of this incredible family and it is imperative we are there for these each other. It's a hurt I can't take away...and it sucks.
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