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  1. If only it were limited to being a systemic issue in the marching arts. It's a systemic issue in society as a whole! Teachers who can't keep their hands off children, abuse of olympic athletes from trusted professionals while other heads turned the other way, college sports, high school sports...it's prevalent almost everywhere and it's disgusting. Gone are the days of thinking this is a 'man-only' problem. Any gender can abuse & assault, just as any gender can turn a blind-eye. There becomes an awkward line between loyalty & complacency, ethics & integrity.
  2. This one hurt my heart when I found out. He was so kind!!
  3. According to sources, one of those plans to not be in our country for the a portion of 2021. So while they might not be doing DCI, they aren't sitting on their thumbs.
  4. Where-ever and whenever the alleged assault occurred. There is usually a runner van & it should be handled immediately.
  5. Here is how this should work - regardless of the corps (all tiers) 1) Any and all reports of sexual assault are turned over to the police to investigate. They are your independent 3rd party. If that inconveniences anyone...ensure it doesn't happen. 2) Background checks done on all staff & volunteers. I personally know of corps who are very lax on this policy, even after DCI's safety policies were implemented. Not okay. 3) All complaints are required to go to someone besides the Corps Director. Let's be clear, some want to sweet things under the rug. Not sure who, but a
  6. Petitions are a way for the current generation to be heard. They are passionate & tired of people putting them down for their efforts to work hard. Drum Corps Members of today are incredibly hard working. What is asked of them both on and off the field is intense & requires skills that far exceed just an ability to play & move. These petitions were met with such blatant disrespect in some groups online that they were removed. Yet this is merely an intent by members to be heart, peacefully, & shows how much this activity means to them. Please stop putting them down for the
  7. Please, Alumni, Members, Parents, Staff, & Volunteers, should DCI make the call people are discussion, please take care of each other. I can tell you from personal experience that my member is already feeling devastated by the potential news. This is an activity that for so many is like an extended family. It is an activity that provides so much more than just 'something to do over the summer' and means so much more than just a score. While we may banter over which corps is better, what judge made an error, & what show design nailed it, we are all part of this incredible family and
  8. Can we all just agree that these kids are no elderly people living in a retirement home? Moving on...
  9. ...and not every corps is covering housing, some are covering camp fees while others are not, some cover all-days food while others do not include that cost, some have extra costs including uniform fees while others are all inclusive. The comparisons are really hard to do unless you truly break down what you are getting for these fees.
  10. Depends on what direction you are coming from. There are still shows in Tri-Cities, Boise, Denver....
  11. Wouldn't that be outside the norm for DCI though? I understand most don't bring their own tubas/contras, but if trumpets are provided in band then clarinets are as well in our area. Reeds might have been at member cost, which would make sense, but can you imagine how many reeds they would go through with all the weather changes? Yikes!!
  12. I'll agree - they did look & fit incredibly well, though not without some known problems. The helmets caused issues all season long. I suspect it was a combination of things that led to the change, which can happen, but in the end we trust corps leadership & have no doubt the right decisions are being made for the right reasons! Thanks to all for all you do!
  13. ...and yet increasing member limits does nothing to increase revenue per se as expenses also increase. Both increasing size and the inclusion of woodwinds face the same issues - large corps or small - it adds increased cost and in reality would likely offset any potential increased revenue. As others have stated, those woodwind players who wish to be included seem to be finding ways and their families already enjoy the activity. Can you imagine a small open class corps having to purchase woodwinds, reeds, and keep them up in addition to brass & drums? Yikes!
  14. That all corps feel supported by the organization AND by other corps. Only together can we make this a better activity That history is made, records are broken, and experiences are better than ever That everyone remembers how important this activity is to the current marching members, regardless of division That we have an exciting year and that judging leaves past prejudices in the past and victories are not pre-determined That we appreciate the pressure members today face and all do our part to support them That we share our passion for drum corps with others AND th