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  1. The closers to Boston's and The Cadet's shows in 2002. Just based off this year because it was the first time i saw the top corps live at the end of the season I would have to say when SCV lit up and when the gold fabric went over and Crown formed the crown. 2013 Boston's Closer And Bloo playing the Boxer during their encores.
  2. For some reason 2013 bluecoats didn't really stick with me at the time but i re-watched it and was surprised I didn't really like it at the time. I'm a very patriotic person but i don't really like america themed shows. I'm probably going to say the same about 14 cadets in a year or two.
  3. Dci has a contract with Lucas Oil Stadium until at least 2028 for finals.
  4. Then phantom doesn't win in 2008. I wish crown would have won but the system is fine the way it is. No other competitive event averages scores or other things to get the champion. I think it should be a tie breaker though!
  5. They just need to keep doing more of the same. They have the skilled members to march a challenging show that the judges will like. They have a good enough percussion session to win perc and their brass always kills. I will not be surprised if they pull it off next year. I'm pulling for crown but will not be disappointed if Bloo takes it.
  6. Can anyone tell me why Crown's perc always scores so low. Who is writing their book and what not?
  7. You sir, are a genius. Just checked out that piece, wow they could do wonders with that! I wouldn't go with the creme but still it would kill!
  8. Early in the season the show that got me was Inferno. I loved the theme from the start and then i saw the potential in it. Also 78th and Madison got me in the feels because the show was perfect for the Scouts.
  9. I'm just curious but why wasn't that illegal? I agree it was a nice touch but what are the rules when it comes to this.
  10. I'm going give a bold statement here. I think there are going to be 13 corps performing in finals in 2016. I will not be surprised if there is a tie for 12th. Its been close the last two years and i just think they're due for a tie. I also think Boston is going to give us a higher scoring show and will jump a couple of spots. I may be a little biased but i'm calling a crown championship.
  11. 1.Carolina Crown 2.Boston Crusaders 3.Santa Clara Vanguard 4.The Cadets 5.Bluecoats Honorable Mention-Troopers