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  1. BD's 10.00 in Percussion Achievement gave them the Gold. Were 9.75 and 9.65 the past 2 nights. A 9.8 tonight would have given Bluecoats the overall win.
  2. Just came from their rehearsal in Winston-Salem. This show is 10x better in person than any video. Absolutely amazing. Also, they cut the silence between "She's So Heavy" and the pitch bend into "Hey Jude". Flow is much better.
  3. Yes... Crown should be up by at least half a point... you must be confused. the correct spread is the 0.625 in Atlanta or 0.85 in Murfreesboro. crown is great musically but are at best 5th visually and have gross lizard uniforms. posted from the DrumScorps app
  4. Bloo and Crown tie in GE. That's laughable. posted from the DrumScorps app
  5. Is that also true for Music GE in an 11 person panel? One has a brass background and the other a percussion background?
  6. then why use the word emphasis twice? why not just say "there will be two music analysis judges now"? seems very misleading if both are judging holistically.
  7. From DCI's article ( on the panel change... "this summer there will no longer be a percussion ensemble judge. Instead there will be two music analysis judges utilized. One of those music analysis judges will have a percussion emphasis and the other will have a brass emphasis." Emphasis: special importance, value, or prominence given to something
  8. funny how bluecoats were 6th in percussion but 1st in music analysis percussion focus.
  9. Only SCV and BK are the only Top 12 from last year not at St. Louis. Broken Arrow will not have Crown, Cadets, Blue Stars, Scouts, Crossmen, and Mandarins. Seems like St. Louis has more of a "Heavy Hitters" lineup.