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  1. I missperforming in that parade. It was a good chance to meet other members and become friends.
  2. My condolences to the Santos family. Although I never had the opportunity to meet the man, my dad spoke highly of him.
  3. Way to go Mike D. Since you will be rehearsing 10 minutes from my house I will have to stop and say hello.
  4. I may have to stop in a visit if hey have camp when I doen there on vacation in June.
  5. I believe it is a project by the city to not only do over the stadium. If you look at some of the city parks have been re done there as well. I went by one of the baseball city parks about a month ago and last year it was a complete dust bowl. Now it has all new stands light towers and the field is all turf.
  6. Lets see in the Early 70's I was to young to march however I took care of the drum pads the Cabs snare line would use before going on the field.
  7. Awesome staff. I can't wait to see the 65th edition of my Caballeros
  8. The only issue I see with Friday's afternoon and night is some corps have members still traveling to get to the Championship due to school commintments they have.
  9. Deepest sympathies goes out to George's family and the Buccaneers. He is an great icon of DCA.