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  1. 2018 Finals audio now posted to iTunes
  2. Exactly where I was going with this. Even stadium egress for equipmen/props is a big issue these days. Not too many indoor venues either (which is another debate by itself... Indoor vs Outdoor Finals). After such a list is generated... where does Indy compare?
  3. Fundamental question to this is what would be a top ten list of cities that could host Finals week if not Indy (and still keep up with the logistics of such)?
  4. (Some) School calendars are becoming more of an issue with a change to the summer schedule... for instance Roanoke County VA just this year switched to an earlier summer schedule... for 2019 May 22nd is the last day of the school year and August 12 is the first day... about 10-14 days earlier than previous years.
  5. That sledge has some "real" value here on DCP!!
  6. Two different news stories (but maybe similar themes). The church one is a bigger news cycle than DCI... but both most likely relevant.
  7. That is why BAC's show this year was so refreshing and easy to follow.... they were LOST then FOUND and then a Giant Tidal Wave got them in the end...
  8. The only interesting thing to me is what Crown decides to do visually and if they are forced into large props... everyone else in the top 6 is already there. SCV and BD obviously have the scoring sheets figured out (and BD for a long time). So not sure if last night was the start of new era or not because we have already been in it.
  9. Most likely won't get BD (SCV solid first). Either way, love Crown this year and they DID beat BD at least once!! :)
  10. Just feels like this is the weekend at Allentown...the current 3 all on the night before and Crown on last the second night. Seems like a desirable setup.
  11. Salem has a great atmosphere. The stands are right up on the pit... you can almost reach out and touch them! But beware the Beast... A brass line like Crown just blows your face off at that range...
  12. I am am sitting a mile from the stadium right now here in Salem. Looks to be a line of thunderstorms headed this way between 6 and 7... worse appears to be the slow moving type.