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  1. it has always amazed me at how long it takes to complete and ship the DVD's - over 3 months and after the next season's auditions have already begun is too late in my opinion...there has to be a way to get these out sooner with the same quality
  2. Why is DCI only putting the top 12 on CD this year? <**> They are making those out of the top 12 available to download online but isn't this kinda a slap in the face to those 13 on back? There are so many good shows and good corps today... why limit to only the top 12? (you can still get the 13-21 on DVD though) I think they should have at least offered another package that included the top 21 (or all open class corps) on CD? what does everyone else think?
  3. how about making the tour schedule where you visit a certain region or area instead of zig zagging all over the US. And then lets not forget the finals in california next year? yikes...
  4. I doubt this had anything to do with this group... I mean they already have Memphis Sound and I know there has been Scenic City and I think the Volunteers a few years ago in TN as well.
  5. but will they be Div. I or Div. II? (not that I care...as long as they are back... even if they don't compete...I want to see them out on the field!!!!)
  6. I'm noticing a trend in many II/III corps moving towards Dynasty equipment. What is the reason for this? Better deals, lease rates, etc...?
  7. also lost: Tampa Bay Thunder Court of Honor Scenic City Volunteers Star of Indiana Mauraders Freelancers etc..etc..
  8. Is anyone else unsatisfied with the quality of the dvd's this year... the audio balance is terrible!
  9. can anyone tell me why it is taking so long to produce these dvd's? I mean, this is the longest I can remember ever waiting on the DVD's if my memory serves me right, so shouldn't they be improving on their process rather than decreasing the speed in which they are produced? They do a great job with them obviously... but having started another drum corps season and still not having the videos from early AUGUST to me is unacceptable.. just my opinion. With the price we are all paying for these products, I think the least they can do is hire more producers/editors, whatever...and get them out a little sooner. on a side note...I never understood why it takes so long for the CD's to be produced either. not much editting needed for those... what gives?
  10. Actually I've found some pretty positive reviews from members using them... sure some problems here and there but they are working to fix those (like Dynasty did at first) and why they are in drum corps again... trying to get back up there competiting with all the others
  11. KK is dropping to Div. II???? ummm are you sure?
  12. also.. lets remember it was on a TUESDAY at 10pm... would be better to start at 8pm-10pm