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  1. With the exception of the two corps noted in the announcement as being in exhibition, this is a judged competition.
  2. I normally just skip past these kind of posts, but this one is just horse****. In the first 3.5 minutes of Crowns show, they scatter into their opening set, with about 20 brass stopping and playing little clips, then they prance and dance while playing their brass impact, (is this playing on the move to you?). Then they scatter again and sit as the enter banner is unfurled, then they finally do some "marching" during the drum break when they don't play a note. So, if you equate moving and playing with GE and difficulty, a corps who doesn't do that for the first 4th of their show probably shoul
  3. Great job, spot on as always! Now that the kids are grown, we have been thinking about doing Pineville, (been through there for a couple quick visits in the past). We love Pondburg, but perhaps next year...
  4. Quick note from "back at the world" In between some drill writing I researched some of Coats original material and got the answer for some of the voice samples. Some wild stuff! That lead me to watch the True Bloo videos on their facebook page. If you haven't watched them, they are well done and well worth it! My thoughts today about our trips and the passing of seasons and years seem really well represented by the ballad. If we could just slow down time for the good parts!
  5. Yes brother, I know... NOW! LOL thanks! I want all the American people to understand that it is perfectly understandable that the American people cannot possibly understand...hehe
  6. Sorry to be so lazy that I won't search this long thread for the answer, but I am curious about the source material for the voice samples used in the show. Can someone help me with that? The opening seems to me to be news media clips? I swear I can make out the words Bill O"Reilly, and the recorded corps introduction sounds like classic a Walter Cronkite voice. And what is the "seems to wear his hair long" segment in the drum feature? It's like an APB thing? Absolutely love the mood/vibe this show establishes using electronics, and live it's so much more effective than on any webcast. Had a g
  7. Then there is our solution, we either need to go door to door across Hamilton and recruit a few more yards, or else raise enough to like time share some homes. hmmmm...we could rent a few houses for the week to host pre show warmups and post show parties. Somebody get on that please!
  8. You can count on it, can't wait to see the corps again!
  9. I felt the same way This makes sense. I wonder if this affected SCV battery? They have a local across Hamilton that hosts them every year with lights and refreshments and a roped off area in his back yard.
  10. Thank you, I appreciate that... I am looking forward to yours!
  11. The late ride up the turnpike was quiet. There was some sleeping in the back seat, and almost some from the driver's seat! Luckily, Lynn stayed awake and kept an eye on me even though I wouldn't let her drive when she wanted to. Just like many other times, we found ourselves traveling in the same direction as the tour, and we rode along with corps vehicles on their way to Buffalo. There would be no trip to Buffalo or Indy. Work and band camp means it's web casts and the theater for us. We do have 2 DCA shows and a trip to Rachacha to look forward to. It has been a great experience, and
  12. For dinner we stopped at a plaza near the entrance to the park on Cedar Crest Blvd. We have been doing this one of the two nights for the last couple years becasue they have a couple different food choices in one place. We all opted for take out from Mi Chongs. The Duck Pond Park parking was jammed to the limit. Saturday usually is more crowded, but the Crossmen and BAC alumni have big parties there every year on the night those corps perform, just adding to the crowd. We parked across the street and set up to eat under some shade near some warm ups. We actually had the show up on our phones
  13. After getting a little sleep, (I do mean a little), in our home beds, we were excited for the day. The original plan was to watch Coats in NJ, then to try and see Crown's run through in Allentown before the show. Once we had the daily schedules, it was clear that the timing would not work by about 15 minutes. Because Cadets were about 15 minutes closer to Bloo, and because they had EPL 15 minutes after Crown, we altered the plans a little. The group had grown to 8. Our oldest and a friend who marches Cabs joined us, and we met our friends and their 2 girls who were up from Carolina. It was 20