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  1. The Blu rays work the same in UK no problem but DCI are not allowed to sell them them to UK residents anymore. I need somebody who will buy one for me and post it to me in England. I can send them a cheque in dollars with the postage etc for this. I have every Finals on DVD since 1984.
  2. Hi everyone. I would like a 2019 Blu Ray Finals DVD but they would not post it to the Uk last year but I had a contact in USA who I had it posted to and she sent it to me in England. I have this contact sadly no more. How are Brits getting round to getting hold of the DVds at home ? Anyone know how I can get mine this year please. I have a USA bank account so can send someone a dollar cheque if need be. Thanks Paul.
  3. Well surely everyone knows what each other are playing by now ???? Its not actually a secret society is it !
  4. What a complete joke this Blu Ray caper is. This years shows will be on the U Tube before we get it at this rate. 6 months is pathetic to wait for a Blu Ray recording of a live Finals. Our UK one takes about 6 weeks to go on sale .I have every Finals since 184 but this year could be my last. I used to get the recording for a Christmas present off my wife which was long enough to wait but this is something else this year.
  5. Cant work out how the British DCUK Finals were not until late September and their DVDs have been on sale for weeks ??
  6. They have shipped them to me since 1984 ie DVDs and CDs
  7. It says they are not formatted for International use ? , does this mean they wont play on my Blu Ray ? or simply they cant send them out of USA because of the musical issues. Thanks
  8. After all these years of having purchased finals DVDs and Blu Rays since 1984 I have been told by DCI hat they cant ship to England due to musical licence laws. Cant believe it after all these years.
  9. Over here in England and just received my Finals DVD ????? . Did not think they were even done yet ??? Well pleased to say the least ha ha
  10. Regardless of placing Crown has now got one of the great Drum Corps shows of all time on the field this year. Id love to see them take the Title Saturday.
  11. Watched Crown live at the Orlando show on July 8th and they were great ,but just watched their latest recording on line and bloody hell what an improvement. It looked amazing compared to only 12 days ago . If Carolina keep this kind of improvement up id back them to win this year. If they have even more to add especially at the end my monies on them with this great show .
  12. The Devils always get hyped up a bit by you Yanks on here. We have a different view of things over here. I mean how many minutes did they actually move last year about 6 wasn,t it ??. Came to Finals last year and I thought Crown should have won even though Coats were amazing. Santa Clara had a better overall show than Devils also .
  13. Not at all pal . Love the Devils and all the other Corps. Travel over from UK and watch the Finals ever few years and love the activity. Just saying my opinion and we will have to wait till August to see if im right or wrong.